Traveling Europe // Bath, UK

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As a Jane Austen fan, Bath was a place that always intrigued me, but not a place I ever imagined I'd get to see in person. It's a beautiful city, filled with a unique history surrounding the roman bath in the middle of town. The bath offers a headset, allowing you to tour it at your own pace. It was incredible to step back in time and see this place almost as it stood hundreds of years ago.

The next day, I was able to tour Jane Austen's home, and do a little much-needed shopping. I had packed very little for my month-long journey, and was dying for some clothes that felt more feminine than my black t-shirts and leggings.

I had a great time in Bath and wish I could have explored it for just a little bit longer. But of course, there was so much more to see on my journey and it was time to move on.

To be continued...


Tex-Mex Salad Recipe

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I am all about healthier meal options that taste amazing, but what I'm not all about are recipes that take forever to make. Because of that, I'm constantly coming up with my own concoctions, using whatever I have on-hand, that take minimal time and effort. This Tex-Mex Salad Recipe is exactly that - easy to make, time-efficient, and delicious! But my favorite part about this salad is that it's jam-packed with nutrients, making it a real power-house in your recipe book.

I used MorningStar Farms® Chipotle Black Bean Crumbles™ in this Tex-Mex salad and it really gave it the kick I was looking for. MorningStar Farms® products are a great meal solution for anyone who is looking to live a healthier lifestyle, busy professionals, or families; step up your Vegolutions game by adding them to your favorite recipe! And bonus, you can head to your local Walmart and earn $3 when you buy any three MorningStar Farms® products! This deal applies to any MorningStar Farms® products and runs from January 9th, 2017 through January 31st, 2017. (see coupon at the end of this post)

MorningStar Farms® Chipotle Black Bean Crumbles™
2 cups spinach
1 avocado
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes
1/2 a pepper (in your favorite color/flavor)
1/2 cup greek yogurt
1/2 cup salsa
1/2 cup Great Value™ Frozen Whole Kernel Golden Corn

In a frying pan, cook your MorningStar Farms® Chipotle Black Bean Crumbles™- following the directions on the back of the packaging. While it's cooking, chop up your favorite vegetables. I used avocado, cherry tomatoes, peppers, and cilantro, but you could use whatever you like best. Toss the vegetables with the spinach, the Great Value™ Frozen Whole Kernel Golden Corn, and top with the cooked MorningStar Farms® Chipotle Black Bean Crumbles™.
In a food processor, combine the greek yogurt, salsa, 1 tbsp of cilantro, and half an avocado. Mix until the ingredients combined into a smooth, dressing-like texture, then serve with the salad. Be sure to top your salad with a couple sprigs of cilantro for presentation and taste!

Living a healthier lifestyle doesn't have to be hard. It's all about small and simple changes that add up to make a big difference, and MorningStar Farms® products are here to help. Be sure to use the coupon above to earn $3 next time you purchase any MorningStar Farms® products!


Traveling Europe // Touring England

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While getting to England wasn't the biggest stretch of my month-long journey, it was certainly the roughest. I was so happy to know I wouldn't be boarding another plane for a few weeks and could just enjoy getting from one place to the next by car. The first night in England was spent at an Airbnb in Great Clifton where I was able to unwind after a long day of traveling, freshen up, and prep myself for the next portion of the trip.

We woke up early the next morning to make it in time for the local LDS Church service. This was probably the smallest ward I have ever attended, but the Spirit was so sweet and strong; I wish I could have stayed to get to know the members. After church, it was time to head for England's Lake District. The green, rolling hills here are so beautiful and just as the name suggests, the lakes are everywhere. I didn't make a lot of time for taking pictures during this portion of the journey as I was busy soaking it all in rather than capturing it through my camera.

Our only big stop was in Keswick - the most dog-friendly town I've ever seen (which I loved). Here I was able to do some good souvenir shopping and gather pieces with meaning rather than just your typical souvenir. My two favorite shops were the official Peter Rabbit store and Cherry Didi - where I was the first customer to buy a Crafts by Ra rug (which is far too beautiful for me to ever use as a rug)! Cherry Didi has some amazing local treasures, from paintings to pottery - I could have bought one of everything.

The next couple nights were spent near Hidcote, a beautiful and iconic manor house and garden, in a quaint and historic area of the Cotswolds. I spent a good portion of my day wandering through the garden's hedges, vegetable patches, and orchards - feeling like I had stepped back in time. This sleepy town shuts down quite early, however, which made dinner a bit of a struggle both nights. But I kind of loved that about it.

Next up was a drive through Bourton on the Water which is England's "Venice". There were antique shops everywhere, a delicious cafe for tea, and a beautiful canal running through the middle of town. This canal is clearly a gathering place for the locals. Not only do kids and dogs love it, but they also use it for soccer/football games! I'm not much of a sports player... ok, not at all, but even I'd consider playing here!

to be continued...


Traveling Europe // Mount Fløyen

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This is my last blog post about Norway and it feels like I have to say good-bye all over again. I can't tell you how ready I am to go back here... From my childhood daydreams to a reality in my twenties... Things like this are what make life so sweet.

My last day in Bergen was spent walking around town, eating delicious food (and drinking the best hot chocolate in the world), and best of all - taking the Funicular to the top of the Mount Fløyen. The ride lasts about ten minutes and had all of my senses alive as we climbed the mountain. (I'm telling you, Disney World's Norway ride is so similar to this in smell, looks, etc.) Once at the top, there are plenty of trails for hiking and biking - you could spend an entire day here! It was raining pretty hard during my visit, but I wasn't about to let that stop me. So I hiked into the woods, using my phone to take pictures so I wouldn't ruin my camera, even though I did brave it a couple times (my friend was kind enough to zip my camera up into her coat while we hiked).

Mount Fløyen is magical. It's filled with small waterfalls, dense trees that make it feel like The Forbidden Forest from Harry Potter, and best of all - TROLLS! That's right, in the forest near the cafe there are a bunch of wooden troll statues scattered throughout the trees. I had so much fun wandering around and snapping photos of them all, I loved how each one was so different and funny in its own way.

Before I knew it, my time in Norway had come to an end. We made our way back to our Bergen Airbnb, I dried my socks over the heater, packed up, and caught a taxi to the airport. This flight was a rough one, and we didn't land in Oslo until late that night, only to then have to take an hour bus ride to southern Norway where we slept for a few hours then caught another flight to... England!

To be continued...
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