No Makeup- Makeup // New Year, New You, With Neutrogena

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For me, this year is all about simplifying (see last post). That means that I have cut down on my makeup routine as much as I feel comfortable with, right now. I love wearing makeup, but not looking like I am, and I figured some of you might too. So here is my "No Makeup- Makeup" tutorial. For this tutorial, I included some awesome new products by Neutrogena that I found at Target.

Start with a clean and moisturized face. If you suffer from dark circles, like me, then apply the Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair Eye Cream under the eyes. Apply in an inverted triangle pattern, then stipple into the skin with your ring finger.

Next, apply your foundation. I have been using mineral foundations recently and LOVE them. Use your Kabooki brush to apply and press it into the skin. Mineral foundations will give you a much more natural look while still being full coverage.

Apply some bronzer in a "3" pattern starting at your forehead, sweeping down the outside of your face, coming in under the cheekbones, then sweeping back out and down under the jawline. This will give you a natural shadow and sun kissed glow.

Using a fluffy blush brush, apply your blush on the apples of your cheeks and sweep backwards. I like to do a half-smile when performing this step, that way I get it in just the right spot.

Next, blend your bronzer and blush in with the foundation with a Kabooki brush. This will smooth the lines and give you a very natural look.

My favorite step is filling in my eyebrows. Using an eyeshadow that is similar to my natural hair color and an angle brush, I press the powder down into the hair for a natural and full brow.

I then apply a very natural highlighting eyeshadow all over my lid and up to my brow. For this look I used a very pale pink. Then, I use a crease brush to apply a brown shadow that is a few shades darker than my natural skin tone. That way I'm getting dimension without looking like I'm wearing eyeshadow.

I apply a few layers of mascara. Let one layer dry before applying the next to avoid clumping.

And to finish I apply a lip moisturizer that has a slightly rose tint to it.

At the end of the day I can easily remove the makeup with Neutrogena's Naturals Purifying Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

I've got this routine down to where I can be ready in about five minutes. It's super simple and once you get the hang of it, you can whip it out and be on your way! It's the perfect routine to keep you looking fresh and ready to find your "New You" this year.

What are your goals for the year? Let me know if you give this tutorial a try!


Simplifying // Fresh Tangerine Giveaway

Lately I have been trying to simplify. This has included- spending freezes, cleaning out my closet, and revisiting things I haven't done for a while- like pigtail braids. I can't tell you when the last time I wore pigtail braids was, until recently. While I love wearing them, I figured I'd get some stares or questioning comments. But it has been the opposite, people love the braids! Who knew that an old trend would be so easily accepted, again?

Another thing I've been doing lately is wearing silver. For some reason it seems so much simpler, cleaner, and fresher than gold. Don't get me wrong, I still love gold! But the added silver has been so welcome in my wardrobe. I'm absolutely loving these rings from Fresh Tangerine. They are delicate, classic, and beautiful. They pair easily with all of my other jewelry or are even more stunning when worn alone. (please excuse my dry hands. Ugh)

I'm giving away a set of their stack rings at the end of this post, so keep scrolling!

rings- c/o fresh tangerine
dot ring- old
sweater- american eagle (old)
shirt- asos (favorite!)
leggings- madewell
shoes- sam edelman

Fresh Tangerine makes the most simple yet stunning pieces, they are things that you can keep forever, they will never go out of style. I'm so excited to host a giveaway today for a set of stack rings (3) in the metal of the winner's choice!

The giveaway will run from today until February 3 at midnight. Good luck!
Note: This giveaway requires instagram interaction

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Be My Vintage Valentine // M&M's® Red Velvet Party

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With Valentines Day approaching, I couldn't help but put together a little gathering for my family and one of our neighboring families. I am a fan of Valentines Day, even if I don't exactly (or at all) have a special someone to celebrate with. I have friends and family who love me and whom I love spending time with. There is almost nothing I enjoy more than quality time with the people I care about.

I found the new M&M's® Red Velvet while shopping at Walmart, and for some reason, when I pictured red velvet and a Valentine's day party, a "50's theme" is what kept coming to mind. So I ran with it... or at least was inspired by it.

Ponytails, chalk board art, marquee lights, and red lips; this party was so much fun to plan and shop for! I loved having an excuse to buy some giant and heart shaped balloons. I've also wanted some sort of marquee light for a long time. And of course, I love any excuse to play dress up! My sister said the hair + lips + glasses combo made me look like Wendy Peffercorn

I went with desserts only for food, which included- red velvet milkshakes (with M&M's® Red Velvet on top, rather than a cherry), fruit kabobs, and my sister made blondies. I also had treat bags for my guests to fill with candy- M&M's® Red Velvet, M&M's®and DOVE® Promises

For an activity, I had a Valentine making station. I cut out paper hearts, and had purchased a bunch of vintage style pieces for them to use- stickers, bags, tags, and glittery pencils. This was a big hit, especially with the kids! And in the background, we had a 50's love song spotify station playing.

I am no artist, so I drew inspiration from THIS print

I know this picture is more of an outtake... but it was my favorite. haha dog butt and all.

Whew! Sorry, that was a.lot. of pictures! I hope you made it all the way through and enjoyed them, I sure enjoyed the whole party planning process.

Do you enjoy party planning? Have you tried the new M&M's® Red Velvet?

See more great M&M's® Red Velvet recipe and party ideas at myconfectioncorner.com/valentines-day where you can also download a coupon to save on your M&M's® purchase.
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