Summer Open-Mic Night

My roommates and I love to host parties at our house. We enjoy being able to open up this place that we call home and making it a space where we can bond with friends and family. Back in May at our Cinco de Mayo party, a friend of one of our roommates let us know that our backyard we ideal for hosting open mic nights. He happens to put them together all the time, so we let him do that part of things while we made sure our yard was as presentable as possible! We worked for days to clean up the overgrown mess that was our backyard, and turn it into a Summer fairyland -  complete with string lights and a fire for marshmallow roasting.

However, as the event drew nearer, we began to get nervous about the ever-growing number of attendees on the event's Facebook page. But "the show must go on!" we decided and well, it did! With over 300 guests in attendance and some of the best local talent, our open mic night quickly became one of my favorite nights of the season.

Do you enjoy hosting parties? I definitely recommend hosting an open-mic night. It was dreamy!


European Brands

Well, since I'm in Europe I may as well dress like it. I didn't even realize when I put this outfit together, but each piece is made by a European country... My top and pants are from Topshop, and my shoes are Pons by Avarcas USA which are made in Spain. My jewelry is made right here in the USA, but other than that, this outfit is all European. Il est très magnifique! (I'm aware that's french, and yes - I had to use google translate...)

top - top shop
pants - top shop
shoes - avarcas usa
jewelry - color by amber

What are some of your favorite European brands?


Salt Lake City Eats // Aubergine Restaurant Review

A month or so ago, my good friend Brandi came into town. She spent the night at my house (her old house), we stayed up late chatting, watching a movie that made us cry, and eating ice cream. In the morning we took blog pictures, shopped some estate sales, bought - pastries just because they were pretty, and had one of my favorite Brandi & Gentri weekends.

The afternoon before Brandi needed to head back to Idaho, we stopped in at one of our very favorite restaurants - Aubergine. We filled our bellies with amazing food and sweet lemonades, and filled our spirits with good company. It was the perfect way to start a Saturday and made me miss having her nearby, even more.


Casually Vintage with Ziggit

There's something about a basic white tshirt, it's almost always a good choice! Especially when paired with high-waisted jeans, a vintage red lip, and some fabulous pins from Ziggit. I love the way my Ziggit pins add so much personality to something that would be 100% basic, otherwise. With this set of pins, I decided to go for more of an earthy theme which is a stark contrast from my other space-themed set. Plus, I love how they play off the vintage-vibe of this outfit, flawlessly.
Use the code GENTRILEE to receive a free pin when you purchase three!

I've been enjoying Summer style so much this year, I know I'm not ready to see it go (especially if that means heavy coats and snow boots. No thanks.) So I'll be over here, soaking in as much of this sunshine and short-sleeve weather as I possibly can, and taking my Ziggit pins on all of my remaining Summer adventures!

hat - h&m
tshirt - zara
pants - topshop
jewelry - color by amber
shoes - c/o sven clogs
pins - c/o ziggit
lipstick- c/o jalynn schroeder

Which Ziggit pins would you choose? Letters? Numbers? The combo options are endless! Be sure to use the code GENTRILEE to receive a free pin for every 3 pins you purchase!


Lipsense Lipstick Review // Best Lipstick Ever

As a makeup artist I am constantly on the lookout for my new favorite lipstick. I like to gravitate from one brand to the next, convincing myself that each new lipstick is the best I've ever used. Well... all of that searching has come to an end, thanks to Lipsense by Jalynn Schroeder.

First of all, Lipsense comes in so many colors, I had the hardest time choosing! I stared at the color pallets Jalynn sent me for the longest time, going back and forth until I made my final decision. I ended up going with two lighter pink shades and this beautiful Cranberry red color. But best of all, this lipstick does not rub off! I can eat, scratch, drink, and kiss all day long if I want, and my lipstick won't go anywhere. I am so excited to say that my search for the perfect lip color and long lasting lipstick has officially ended.

Tips to applying Lipsense Lipstick:
- Be sure to exfoliate your lips first with the edge of a damp towel
- The darker colors take a few more layers than the lighter shades
- Apply 2-4 layers of the Lipsense lipstick or until you get the desired look
- Let one layer dry completely before applying the next
- Once your final layer is dry, apply the Gloss to seal it into place and reapply as necessary to keep it moisturized
- The gloss is what will keep your lips looking their best all day

Lipsense Lipstick c/o @JalynnSchroeder

Be sure to check out Jalynn's shop if you are interested in snagging some Lipsense of your own! You'll need to get the starter kit at first, then feel free to grab all the colors your heart desires!
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