Five For Friday

^loose fitting white blouses // source

Happy Halloween, everyone; I hope you all have exciting plans. My evening will be filled with staying home and doing a little trick or treating with my nieces and nephews (I'm basically their grandma, not their cool aunt). I am just not a party kind of girl... Especially when the only party around here that I would attend is about an hour and a half away, like everything else on the east coast. So, it'll be a quiet Halloween for me. What do you have planned? If you need a simple yet eerie makeup look, be sure to check out THIS post.

P.S. here are some trends I'm loving right now...

half-up-braids // source

buffalo plaid // source

stacked bracelets // source

collared shirts under sweaters // source


Black, White, & Orange All Over

photography c/o erin christine photography

Here it is, my required Halloween or Fall themed post... What kind of blogger would I be without one? I'm not dressing up for Halloween, but I am helping a few others with their costumes and am hoping to get some fun pictures. So while I won't be making a halloween appearance on the blog, perhaps they will. But in all honesty, I love holidays! I love getting into the holiday spirit (does that phrase work for halloween, too?) and really enjoy the festivities.

This outfit is one I threw together, last minute, and kind of loved it. I am a sucker for collared shirts under sweaters, add in that floral print and a dainty, gold necklace under the collar and I'm sold. I love the simple color scheme- black and white, against all of these incredible fall colors. These mums was incredible; I wanted to take them all home with me.

Erin Christine Photography took these photos for me at the Greenstreet Garden's in Maryland. It's a beautiful greenhouse venue with plenty of space, a boutique, and all of the fall activities you could want! Erin used her "lens baby" on a couple of these shots and I love how they turned out! I need one of those lenses, we had so much fun experimenting with it.

sweater- lulus
shirt- nordstrom
jeans- calvin klein
zodiac necklace- fifth and mae
crystal necklace- the land of salt
shoes- vince camuto

Have you posted your Fall and/ or Halloween activities yet? I would love to see, if you have, leave me a link in the comments!



I love to take a walk through nature and notice the small details. The pattern of an acorn cap, the veins on a leaf, the rings on a tree. It's all so complex and detailed, but simple at the same time. Here are some pictures I took while camping in Cedarville Forest, Maryland. It was wonderful to take some time alone and walk around to capture these small details.


Hiking with Athleta

I love to hike, that is no secret. I currently live in a place where the only hiking you're going to get is a flat nature trail, but I'll take whatever I can get. Being surrounded by nature, the peace and quiet, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet; it all makes for the best type of workout, in my opinion.

I am definitely someone who values quality workout clothing. There is a noticeable difference in the way it feels and works with you while you move. This outfit is from Athleta, they have an amazing selection of stylish but practical, and quality workout wear. I have been living in these leggings, lately. They're incredibly comfortable but have details on them that make them perfect for running errands if needed. Basically this outfit makes up the perfect Fall hiking ensemble that I actually wear all day every day... Regardless if I'm hiking or not.

hat- c/o athleta
sweater- c/o athleta
leggings- c/o athleta
shoes- new balance
backpack- fjällräven
watch- c/o daniel wellington (don't forget to use the code gentrileeblog for 15% off until 10/31)

What is your favorite form of exercise? Have you tried anything from Athleta? (I highly recommend that you do.)


Alternative Indigo // Know Your Style

Hello fellow Gentri Lee readers! My name is Alexis Jade Kaiser and I am an alternative fashion blogger here in Provo, Utah. I have mermaid hair and I love encouraging my readers to step outside their normal 'go to-s' when it comes to fashion. I think fashion is such an amazing, crazy thing. It's the one thing that truly represents a person based on first impressions. And lets be honest, first impressions are everything. I've only been a part of the 'blogging' scene since May of 2014 and its been a whirlwind of excitement and really discovering where I stand as an individual and a 'blogger.' 

I say 'blogger' simply because what do you think of when you think of a 'blogger......' Well, that's easy, Starbucks iced tea, peonies, Michael Korhs handbags, swirled Caramel Lattes, blah blah blah. I am here to represent a different side of the blogging world. Something that hasn't yet been approached or represented. I want to encourage a different movement in the fashion blogging world. And that's why I started Alternative Indigo

Inspirations? Who are they? Easy. Melodi Meadows @babynative and Erin Wasson @erinwassson. These two women seriously have such an impact an influence on my everyday fashion. I also think they carry themselves with such a unique beautiful confidence that is so non-typical to our first thought of 'beautiful.' Aka 'airbrushed skin, perfect makeup, perfect hair, so on so forth.' I love that they represent what I view as a true, confident, beautiful women.  I think blogging is such a beautiful thing. To be able to inspire those of you who need a little help here and there, and to be there for those of you who maybe just need a friend. It's amazing the connections that Instagram, Facebook, and blogger can provide! 

I think that if I had to sum my style up into one phrase it would be; bohemian-gypsy-native mosh pit. I love trying new things and experimenting with different styles and looks all the time. I love to stick with super simple looks such as skinnies and a basic tee. But, the next day I will be wearing a floral dress with huge chunky jewelry and over the knee boots. I think personal fashion is all about what works for you and what is influencing you the moment you get dressed. I also think that having inspirations is good, and also a curse. Don't let not being the person that inspires you most weigh you down. Let them inspire you, don't feel obligated to be them. I think that's where fashion goes all wrong. We are all beautiful and all different in our own way, and that's what makes us individuals.  

Final words of advice, let fashion inspire you, not eat you alive. Be your own beautiful; put on something you never dared to before; put a crazy colored streak in your hair, I mean hell, dye you whole head a crazy color. Just be you, it's beautiful. I promise.
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