The Dream Of The Nineties

A few weeks ago, Kelsey came to visit DC and we were able to meet up for an evening. We had dinner, explore a little, and then grabbed some gelato. It was so fun to see a Utah friend here in DC and to "talk blog" to someone who doesn't get bored of the topic quickly. We discussed the trending nineties styles that are everywhere and how we both wanted to give them a try. So, we decided to each create our own nineties look to share, today! I really look up to Kelsey and her style, so you can bet her outfit is spot on; view it here!

As I was getting dressed for this post, the song from Portlandia- "The Dream of the Nineties" (one of my favorite shows, btw) was on repeat in my head (it's actually still going). I know this kind of look has been everywhere, lately, but I couldn't help giving it a try, and I loved it. So easy going and casual, but fun at the same time.

These clogs were thrifted and sent to me by my friend Brandi who runs her own instagram shop- Stylish Treasures. She is a genius when it comes to thrifting, I've never met her equal. (Definitely follow and check her shop regularly. Since it is a thrifted shop, there is generally only one of each item, and they go quickly.) These clogs were the perfect addition to my nineties outfit.

hat- stolen from my dad's closet...
tshirt- everlane
plaid shirt- vans
jeans- nordstrom
clogs c/o- stylish treasures
watch c/o- daniel wellington
necklace and rings c/o- fifth & mae

I feel like I have so much to say about this outfit and so little time... Everything I'm wearing is a favorite of mine. I picked up these jeans at Nordstrom Rack last week and want to wear them every day! I have searched high and low for boyfriend jeans that work on my short frame and about cried when I put these on. This tshirt is from everlane and to be perfectly honest, it is my favorite tshirt I've ever owned! Sign up and get your own, here! The hat is my favorite hat, I love it more than my wide brimmed hats and my beanies, which is saying a lot. It fits just right and I think the fact that I stole it from my dad makes me love it more... That kind of makes me feel like a bad person... But he has so many hats and just laughed whenever he saw me wearing it, so I'm going to say it's ok and it wasn't a sin. Last but certainly not least is this watch from Daniel Wellington. It is so perfect it will be getting a post all it's own, next week; so stay tuned!

Be sure to check out Kelsey's 90's look!


Maryland Decor Tour Pt. 1 // Uncommon Goods

I guess after living in Maryland for almost seven months(?!), it's time I gave you a "decor tour" of my basement apartment. This is only part one of the tour, part two will come next week. The lighting in my basement isn't the greatest for photos, at least back where these photos were taken, so excuse the graininess. But here is a little peek into my space...

I am absolutely loving my cardboard sr. moose head (fred) from Uncommon Goods. Nothing else that I have put on this wall has worked, and he just made himself right at home. It was so fun putting him together, it made me feel like I was being crafty, even though it was all laid out and explained for me... Uncommon Goods has some amazing products for home decor and gifts for yourself or others. Definitely check them out! They even have other cardboard taxidermy to choose from- here!

Almost all of my decor has been thrifted (or comes from target). I love gathering trinkets and things from antique and thrift shops. The quality of those items is so much higher than things I'd find in most stores, today, and they tell a story that make my space interesting. You'll see my vintage, silver tea set; lots of vintage, gold frames; a cuckoo clock that I picked up for two dollars (again- ?!), my "vintage" style record player; and a lot of photos from my mom's childhood or some of my own instagram prints.

How do you decorate your personal spaces? What would you say your decor style is?


Sven Clogs Giveaway // New Blog Design

photos c/o lauren werkheiser photography

For as long as I've been reading fashion blogs I have longed to own a pair of clogs. I searched high and low for a brand that made shoes either in my size or in a child's size that looked the same as the grown up versions (having tiny feet is not easy). Then I came across Sven Clogs and knew my search had come to an end! The variety, the customizations, the quality, it was all there. So I excitedly ordered my first pair, only to get another pair a few months later, because I love them, so much! And, bonus for you, Sven Clogs is giving away a pair of clogs at the bottom of this post, so keep reading!!

I feel like I can wear my clogs with almost any outfit. They tone down a dressy outfit and dress up a casual outfit. They are comfortable enough to wear and walk around in all day, and are adorable at the same time. If by now you haven't caught the message- I love my Sven Clogs!

On another note- if you didn't notice, my blog got a bit of a facelift and I couldn't be happier about it!! I am so grateful to Natalie (design) and Sarah (header artwork) for helping me design this new layout. I'll be publishing a full post about the design and meaning behind it, soon!

shirt- nordstrom
pants- nordstrom
hat- c/o lulus
shoes- c/o sven clogs
watch- nordstrom
ring / necklace- c/o fifth & mae

Giveaway will run for one week and winner's entries will be verified. Clog Boots not available for winner's selection.
a Rafflecopter giveaway P.S. These photos were taken by the talented Lauren Werkheiser. She is a photographer based out of Delaware and travels the North East taking beautiful photos! If you're in the area and in need of a photographer, I highly recommend her. She is fun, creative, easy going, and a great director! A giveaway for a free session with Lauren will be coming up next week for all of my North East readers!


Finding Beautiful Truth // Know Your Style

photos by Keala Jarvis Photography (http://www.kealajarvisphotography.com)
Aubry has been a style inspiration to me ever since we met almost two years ago. Her style is flawless in my opinion; so classic, well tailored, and rustic. I often find myself browsing her blog, looking for inspiration. So of course, she had to be my first "Know Your Style" guest post (a new Sunday style series you'll find on this blog). Aubry is the epitome of class, not just in her style of dress, but in the way she conducts herself and treats others. I am grateful to call her a friend in and outside of blogland.

Hello, hello- Aubry here, the voice behind Finding Beautiful Truth. I'm here to share a few tips that have helped me stay true to my personal style while out, about, and shopping for the new season:

1. Find your inspiration.
Over the last few years, I've worked to define who I am (in terms of style) and what I like to wear. My greatest source of inspiration comes from Tumblr, and I regularly update my page with styles and pieces I want to incorporate into my personal collection. You can follow along here: http://findingbeautifultruth.tumblr.com

2. Analyze what you're drawn to.
With one look at my Tumblr, you'll notice that I'm drawn to classic styles, American-made brands, and menswear inspired pieces. It's also pretty obvious that I'm a fan of neutral pallets and solid colors. Diving a little deeper, you'll find high waisted denim, throw-back sneakers, leather accessories and boots of all shapes and fashions.

3. Implement what you've learned.
The photos on my Tumblr are evidence that I prefer outfits that are versatile and fuss-free. Any time I'm shopping, I take a quick peek at my Tumblr to revisit what I'm drawn to (my list in #2). It's a good reminder of what I like and what I'll actually wear... Even though it looks good on the mannequin, it may not be the piece I need to add to my closet.

I’m curious to know how you stay true to your style. What tips, tricks, and rules does your wardrobe live by? 


Five For Friday

^faux fur vests; this bb dakotah vest is perfect, and I'm picky! // source

There are so many styles I have been wanting to try lately. Some I have already (who hasn't tried black nail polish) but just want to revisit, and some I have never tried. Here is my Friday Fashion Inspiration...

hiking boots, i'm loving palladium or dr martens // source

wild & natural nineties hair. i've been using aquage texturizing spray and love it.  // source

black fingernail polish, it's always in style. my go-to is OPI // source

quilted bomber jackets. absolutely loving this leather one from boohoo  // source
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