Healthy Eating Made Easy

Since I live a busy and on-the-go lifestyle, I am constantly searching for foods that I can eat quickly but that will be better options for my health. While I love how accessible food is these days, I also feel like it's harder than ever to eat right. My news feeds are constantly filled with new discoveries about what I should and shouldn't be eating, and well, I just know that sticking to the basics is best.

These muffins are made with 1/3 vegetables including zucchini, which makes these muffins so moist and delicious! I was a bit nervous when I bought them, because often "healthy" food can taste... not so great. But the Garden Lites Muffins are a game changer! It's amazing when food can be delicious and healthy! I even had my family give them a try and if I hadn't told them the primary ingredient was vegetables, they would have never guessed. All of the Garden Lites products are veggie rich, with vegetables being the primary ingredient in all their products. Plus, they're convenient and an easy way to get your daily dose of vegetables!

I love that I have another food option I can keep on hand for anytime that I am rushing out the door. They cook in the microwave in seconds or can be left to thaw and eaten at room temperature. These muffins are also dairy, nut, and gluten free and are made with clean and simple ingredients.

I know some of you may be apprehensive about these muffins, but trust me and give them a try! You won't regret it. Plus, they're the perfect way to "sneak" veggies into the diets of the picky eaters in your life. No one has to know! I found my Garden Lites Muffins at my local Kroger store! You can find yours in the freezer section of your nearest Publix, Stop & Shop, Giant, Shop-Rite, HEB, Kroger, or Costco.

What are some of your favorite grab and go healthy snacks?


Splashes of Color // Tips for color coordinating your looks

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Over the years my style has evolved from lively and colorful to more understated and mature. While I love keeping things more minimal, there are days where I miss wearing bright shades that complement my mood. So when I stumbled upon the new LIFEWTR at 7-Eleven, I suddenly felt inspired by their artistic bottles and knew that I needed to give color another chance.

LIFEWTR from 7-Eleven has partnered with Artists to create their stunning new bottles. I love how each one is dripping with color and well, life! But of course, the water inside is just as amazing. It's purified, pH balanced, has electrolytes for taste, all while quenching my curiosity and enabling my self expression. Now whenever I need a dose of creativity, I know I can pop into my nearest 7-Eleven and snag my favorite LIFEWTR bottle (which btw, is recyclable)!

Since I was daring myself to play with color, once again, I figured it would be the perfect time to share some of my color-wearing tips...

1. Color Mixing
I'll admit, I am not always the best at color mixing; it's definitely something I have to practice. A couple things I've learned when mixing colors is that they love staying in their families. So when I mix colors, I like to keep them either in the same tone or the same shade. For example, the red and blue I am wearing works because they are both in the gem tone family. But then I've also mixed in different shades of blue (the details in the cardigan, my jeans, and my shoes) which help balance the look out.

2. Use the Color Wheel
When knowing which colors to pair together, I always recommend going back to the color wheel. Not only do the complementary colors work together, but then you've also got the secondary colors and so on. It's a great guideline to knowing where to start.

3. Draw Inspiration From Art
Just like I drew inspiration from the artwork on this LIFEWTR bottle from 7-Eleven, there is outfit inspiration everywhere. Be inspired by your favorite painting, building, dance, or designer. Find the movement, the color, and let them shine through in your outfit.

4. Make It Work For Your Style
From adding simple splashes of color with accessories to dressing head to toe in a monochromatic shade, there are a bunch of ways you can make colorful clothing work for you! Start small if you're nervous with just a pop of red on your lips or a pair of purple shoes. As you become more comfortable, you'll find yourself branching out and mixing that bright red top with that blue plaid cardigan.

5. Don't Hold Back
Color mixing can be intimidating, but sometimes you can't hold back. You'll find that when you release all of that creativity and embrace the challenge wholeheartedly, that you'll look and feel more amazing than you had ever imagined.

Now, get out there and start putting your own colorful looks together! Be sure to snag some LIFEWTR from 7-Eleven for inspiration, it's a great place to start.


5 Simple Tips for Living An Eco-friendly Lifestyle

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April is quickly approaching and bringing with it thirty straight days of focusing our lives on living more eco-friendly. Earth Month is one of my favorite times of the year as I love doing what I can to reduce my impact on our planet. To get things started, I decided I'd share five of my tips for living an eco-friendly lifestyle without completely changing your way of living.

One thing I've been trying to do more of is make sure that even the most basic of products I use in my day to day life come from responsible resources. Products like Tom’s of Maine “Luminous White™” Toothpaste Clean Mint from Walmart make living an eco-friendly lifestyle a cinch! This toothpaste is safe on enamel, made up of biodegradable or mineral-derived ingredients, and has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives! It's the perfect way to ease into living more of an eco-friendly lifestyle, yourself.

Tip 1: Shop eco-friendly brands. I know it can seem daunting, but once you get the ball rolling, the brands seem to pop up everywhere. My Facebook is constantly filled with ads for eco-friendly brands, and I love it! You can also shop second-hand which is a great way to reduce your impact. In this outfit, my shoes, bag, sunglasses, and top are all sustainable/socially responsible products!

Tip 2: Save the bees by planting bright flowers, especially ones in shades of purple! The bee population is critically low, and without them, there will be no flowers, fruits, vegetables, and well... you see where this is going. Plant things like lavender and wildflowers in your garden to help the bees have a good source of food.

Tip 3: Use eco-friendly hygiene products. One of my favorites is Tom’s of Maine “Luminous White™” Toothpaste Clean Mint. This plus the Tom's of Maine toothbrush (which is made from plant based materials rather than petroleum) will provide you with a bright, white smile all while reducing your impact on the planet!

Tip 4: Pack your food in reusable packaging. Not only should you be using reusable shopping bags, but packing your lunch in lunch boxes/tiffins will save you money, time, space, and the environment! It's a win-win-win-win!

Tip 5: When you need to use disposable products, make sure they are biodegradable, like my straw, or recyclable, like the bottle you see below. That way you can at least make sure that even though you won't be keeping these items, they won't end up in the ocean.

Now get out there, make one change at a time, and you'll soon find yourself embracing the eco-friendly lifestyle, whole-heartedly. And bonus, you'll earn .75 with the purchase of Tom’s of Maine “Luminous White™” Toothpaste Clean Mint! Click HERE to learn more.

What are some of your simple tips for living more eco-friendly?


Be A Wanderer

Traveling is wonderfully exhausting, yet I never tire of it. It definitely wears on you in more ways than one. If you look at these pictures closely, you will see mud on my boots, hair that could use a good brushing, and hands that have been in the sun and wind all day. That's the beauty of traveling - it leaves its mark on you, physically and emotionally.

When I heard about Wanderer Bracelets, I was instantly on board. These bracelets are made by artisans in Bali who hand-carve all-natural water buffalo bone using ancient techniques, and weave the bands using comfortable nylon threads. By making Wanderer Bracelets these artisans are not only able to continue their ancient traditions, they are also able to have steady jobs that sustain themselves and their families. Talk about leaving a mark on you physically and emotionally.

jacket & top - stylish treasures
pants - jcrew
shoes - nordstrom
necklace - c/o the land of salt
bracelets - c/o wanderer bracelets

Be sure to visit Wanderer Bracelets' website and let me know which bracelets you'd take on your next wander.


Sensible, Practical, Comfortable

I'm always amazed at my changing mindset. Things that were once so important to me, like throwing parties, staying up with the latest radio hits, and wearing on-trend, unique, and colorful outfits, just don't matter to me anymore (although I still love to plan a good party, I just don't want to participate). These days, I'm all about comfort, especially when it comes to clothing. If I can't lounge in an outfit, I don't want to wear it.

While it's easy to call this "laziness" (which it likely is), I like to think that it's just maturity. That along with my age, my look has grown up, too. I love a good staple piece that I can pair with anything, I have about six of my favorite black t-shirt, and my shoe collection has changed from a rainbow of high heels to sensible shoes I can wear all day long.

sweater - olive clothing co
jeans - eddie bauer
shoes - avarcas usa
necklace - souvenir

This outfit is the perfect look for mature-Gentri. It's practical, classic, and incredibly comfortable! I shop at places like Eddie Bauer... These are things my 18-year old self would have never believed...
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