Mira Espadrilles Pt. 3 // Sister Style

This is the last round for the Mira Espadrilles series with my sister, the model... She'll hate me for writing that... View the other posts here: 1 | 2

This is my favorite outfit of the three that we did, I really love it. The navy blue Mira Espadrilles worked perfectly with my sister's palazzo pants; we tied in the blue with her chambray shirt, and topped it off with some jewelry from The Land of Salt. This outfit would work for so many different scenarios- running errands, lunch with your friends, or even a casual date night. These shoes are a perfect choice for day to day life; they're practical and bonus- they're also adorable!

Mira Espadrilles make a great gift for the women in your life- mom on the go, business woman, student, grandma.; women of all ages and lifestyles will love them!

shoes- c/o mira espadrilles
shirt- target (similar from target 1 | 2 | 3)
pants- target (similar from target 1 | 2 | 3)
jewelry- c/o the land of salt

Gift Guide For The Product Junkie

I'm sure it's more common than not for people to wait until the last minute to finish their Christmas shopping. If you happen to fall into that category, I've got a few products I wanted to share with you that would make a great gift for that "product junkie" in your life...

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy- One of my favorite scents, it's light, fresh, and obviously floral. I have been a Daisy fan since the beginning.

2. NS Minerals Makeup- This mineral makeup does the job it's supposed to do. The foundations provide full coverage and feel light. I have noticed a significant change in my breakouts since I started using this makeup. I won't claim it's the only reason, but I do believe my previous makeup was wreaking havoc on my skin. I really love using the setting powder on top of my foundation to ensure I don't look oily throughout the day.

3. Skin Again Youth- Skin Again is a vegan skin care line that emphasizes the incorporation of wellness and natural energy into its customers everyday lifestyles. This face cream is great for aging, dry skin. It helps replenish the lost moisture and aids in the prevention of wrinkles. It's not heavy like other anti-aging creams, either.
They're even having a promotion right now- Buy One, Get One Free + free set of Morphe Makeup Brushes (while supplies last. Free rush shipping with promo code 'santalovesme'). Ends Dec. 22

4. 24 Karite Gold Shea Butter Eye Cream- This stuff smells like bananas and feels so good on the skin. I've really noticed a difference in the new wrinkles around my eyes. It helps to firm and tighten that area while adding moisture. This company is all natural. The name 24Karite Gold refers to the color and benefits of Raw Shea Butter in its natural state.

5. Jane Iredale Makeup- I've been using this makeup recently and love it. Jane Iredale is all natural and the brand I've heard most often recommended by dermatologists. Not only will you be looking beautiful, but the makeup itself will provide anti-aging properties and act as a natural sunscreen.
c/o Mindful Women Spa

Let me know if you try any of these or buy them for someone else. They're sure to make that "product junkie" in your life extremely happy on Christmas morning. Bonus- there's still time to order for delivery by Christmas!


Monticello // Luray Caverns

scarf from Shop Strands // currently sold out

This Thanksgiving was a particularly exciting one. First of all, my parents were in town and I was able to go through the LDS temple to receive my own Endowment. It's such a special experience that I have very little to show for it in the way of photos... Second, we decided to take my parents to one of our favorite places here on the east coast- Charlottesville, Virginia.

We first explored Monticello, home to Thomas Jefferson. This is such a fun tour with so much to learn, see, and do. I highly recommend it to all visiting or living in the area. The grounds and views themselves are worth the trip. It was a great, fall day to be out exploring. Cold but not too cold, there was just the right amount of "nip" in the air as we walked around.

Afterwards, we headed through the Shenandoah national park (just that short mountainous drive was enough to recharge my batteries) to explore the Luray Caverns. This was a first for all of us and it did not disappoint. We had dinner in a quaint little house called "The Purple Door". While the food was good (a little overpriced), the real fun was in the costumes... The Purple Door likes its guests to dress up for their tea, so they provide a wardrobe full of antique hats, gloves, and other accessories. My nieces and nephews had a blast... even the adults got into it. Some of us may have taken it a little far... Like when my dad dressed up as a woman named Vivica (VÄ«-vee-ka)... Hilarious!

We finished the day with a tour inside the Luray Caverns. These caverns are stunning and descend more than 160 feet below the surface of the earth. The tour includes the worlds largest musical instrument- an organ that uses the stalagmites from the ceiling to make it's hauntingly beautiful music that can be heard from anywhere inside the caverns. I've included a video from youtube for you to hear... I could listen to it all day.

To state the obvious, the weekend went by far too quickly... and now it's almost Christmas. Honestly, I can't keep up.

Have you taken any fun trips, lately?? I'd love to hear about them.

P.S. I'm co-hosting a "12 Gifts of Christmas" giveaway on my Instagram!


Warm & Rosy Makeup Look // Mindful Women Spa

When I was younger all I cared about were the "cool factors" in products. Does it have beautiful packaging? Does it meet all of the latest trend requirements? Is it what I saw on the runways? Well, as my skin starts to age, I find that there are more important questions I should be asking... and I really wish I had asked them sooner... Are the ingredients good for my skin? Does it protect my skin? Is it non-comedogenic? Now that I am "older" and wiser, I realize what really matters in a makeup product, and Jane Iredale is a great example of that.

Jane Iredale, which you can purchase from the Mindful Women Spa, is a wonderful line that will not only keep your skin young and healthy, but do the job it's meant to do. The makeup goes on light and yet delivers the full coverage that most women are looking for. It's going to protect your skin while making you look picture perfect.

For this post I wanted a warm, natural, and rosy look. First, I used the Jane Iredale concealer in an inverted triangle pattern to hide those dark circles under my eyes that weren't there a year ago... sigh, I am not loving this whole aging thing.

Then I used the bronzer to contour around the edges of my face, as well as the sides of my nose and under my cheekbones. You can easily achieve this by creating a "3" pattern starting from the center of your forehead, swooping down the outside of your face, coming in under the cheekbones, then back out and down under the jawline. I always drag it down my neck too, to fade out the contour affect.

Third, I added blush. I started with a powder blush and just swept it from the apple of my cheek and back. Then I added just a dab of a cream blush for a more dewey look.

Next will be your highlight. Follow the pattern you see below, apply the highlight then stipple it into the skin with your ring or middle finger.

Blend it all together with your Kabuki brush.

Lastly, I added a rose gold eyeshadow, two coats of mascara, and finished with the PureMoist Lipstick in 'Kaylee'.

tshirt from Everlane

The Mindful Women Spa is located in South Ogden, Utah and offers a wide variety of treatments. They're currently having a 12 Days of Christmas promotion, and today features the Jane Iredale Makeup. They are offering 20% off all Jane Iredale makeup plus a free lipstick with a $75 purchase! The special is for today only, so be sure to stop by if you're in the area.

Be sure to stay up to date with the Mindful Women Spa Blog as well as on Facebook and Instagram.


See Shell's Designs // Macrame

I've been on the hunt for the perfect macrame wall hanging for months now; they are harder to find than you would think... So when my friend opened up her own Etsy shop- See Shell's Designs, I knew my search was over. Shelley has always had a love for the arts; she majored in design in college and enjoys such mediums as oils, watercolor, sculpture, and just about anything that gets her creative juices flowing. She started learning macrame in high school and has enjoyed it off and on since then. When she recently created a macrame wall hanging for her daughter's wedding reception, she and those who saw it enjoyed it so much, that it encouraged her to open up her own Etsy shop.

I can tell you, first hand, that this hanging is stunning. It is so intricate and yet simple. It adds exactly the right touch I was looking for in a wall hanging.

If you love this hanging as much as I do, then stay tuned! See Shell's Designs will be giving away an original design to one lucky winner, later this week on instagram/ click here for see shell's designs instagram! You won't want to miss this giveaway. (hint: 12 amazing prizes will go to 1 lucky winner) P.S. Use the code HOLIDAY to receive 15% off See Shell's Designs until December 31st!
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