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Waltz // Shabby Apple & Erin Christine Photography

I once read a poem about a woman whose love was at sea. She waited for him on the seashore and watched for him from her house, day in and day out... perhaps it was a lighthouse. I can't remember the poem or who wrote it, but this photoshoot is reminiscent of that. It felt... haunting, in a way. This old, beaten down house, the sea across the yard, the "waltzing matilda" skirt from Shabby Apple. It was all very romantic to me and I hope that story can come across in the photos. If you know what poem I am talking about, I would appreciate you sharing it. I am sure there are many, but I'd like to hear the ones you know of, just the same.

I am in love with this skirt from Shabby Apple. It is elegant, truly makes me feel like a princess, and waltzing is almost a necessity. The fabric is heavy, in the best possible way, and it swooshes and sways with the slightest movement. 

These photos were taken by the amazing Erin Christine Photography. I met her at my local farmer's market a while ago and was so excited to collaborate with her. She is very talented and so easy going. We had so much fun on our early morning shoot. Plus, just look at that photo above... It is definitely one of my favorite photos of myself, ever. Truly a piece of art.

skirt- c/o shabby apple
blouse- c/o lulu's
necklace- a lost feather
shoes- nordstrom

If you are in the DMV (dc / maryland / virginia) area and are in need of a photographer, definitely check out Erin Christine Photography! She is so sweet and full of talent! Also be sure to check out Shabby Apple, their collections are stunning.


Swing Dress & Mid-Summer Giveaway

It's that time of year... the time when the heat starts to make everything slow down. It's getting unbearably hot, and if you live somewhere like where I live- it's also getting disgustingly humid. We need a little refresher, something to help us wake up and keep enjoying that warm, summer sun! So my sponsors and I have come up with a fun mid-summer giveaway for you all. Just something to say "thank you!" and to boost your mid-summer energy.

Included in the giveaway is a $50 ASOS gift card, so we all decided to show you some of our current favorite ASOS summer looks! Mine is this faded, black swing dress. It is perfect for these hot, muggy, summer days. It's breezy, light, and incredibly comfortable. I love dressing it up or down and have been wearing it non-stop!
dress- asos
headpiece- sweetness a boos
necklace- old navy
shoes- nordstrom

Best of luck to you all!

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Lighthouse Trip

A few weeks ago I saw a lighthouse for the first time. This one isn't like the lighthouses I have seen in movies and photos, but it's a lighthouse all the same, and I was just as excited to see it. I went with my family and we were able to explore the house as well as the museum. This is such a beautiful area and it was the perfect day to explore. Sunny, warm (almost too warm), and it ended with a downpour. 

I really enjoyed touring the old lighthouse and seeing how the keepers would have lived, years ago. I loved the spiral staircases, oddly shaped rooms, and creaky floors and think I could definitely be happy living in a lighthouse on a coast, somewhere.

We had just as much fun inside the museum as we did outside and were able to learn more about the area we currently live as well as the history of this little county. I ended up getting a little rowdy and they put me in shackles. As you can see, I overreacted...

My nephew, however, is a greater man than I reacted in a much humbler way. I guess we know who the real adult is here...

We then headed to dinner and followed it with some frozen yogurt. It was such a great day and I loved being able to spend it with my family.

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Denim Tunic pt. 2 & Giveaway With White Plum

Last week I posted about a denim tunic in a beachy/ day outfit. Today I am posting an evening look featuring the same tunic, and honestly, I love it both ways! For a girl on the go, this would be such an easy transition from adventuring with friends to date night on the town. It's comfortable, versatile, and full of adorable details. White Plum has a lot of cute and unique items that make it a great place to shop for yourself or someone else. 

White Plum is offering my readers 20% off with the code GENTRI20 from now until July 30th and a chance for one of you to win a $50 store credit! Take advantage of that discount and enter the giveaway, below. You won't want to miss out!
tunic- white plum 
leggings- agnes and dora 
silver bracelet- kotah bear 
gold bracelet- fifth and mae 
necklace- the land of salt

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Wear the Paint

The other day, my laptop battery and charger died... possibly fried; so if things get a little quiet around here, you will know why. All of my photos, music, and editing tools are stuck on that old, dead, machine. I think I may just bite the bullet and buy a new one. Goodness knows my old one is just that- old; and it's probably not worth the investment of a new battery and charger. So until then, I will resort to online photo editing tools and borrowing my sister's laptop (thank you!!)... Hopefully I can get it taken care of, soon!

Something that is the opposite of my laptop would be the company "Wear the Paint"; talk about new, fresh, and totally awesome! Located in New York, NY, they are just about the coolest kids on the block. I am loving my hand painted tee and all of the other products in their shop. It even came in a hand painted tote that I completely forgot to grab for the photos. I think that calls for a good, old fashioned hashtag- #facepalm. If you're looking for some edgy, basic, yet unique tee's or sweatshirts, then look no further. Wear the Paint is here for you!

shirt- c/o wear the paint
hat- target
jacket- nordstrom
skirt- c/o lulus
boots- nordstrom
watch- nordstrom
ring- c/o leather couture
fox bracelet- c/o fifth & mae

Wear the Paint will be having a runway show in New York on the 25th, and if you're in the area I really hope you can attend, It's sure to be amazing! You can purchase tickets HERE