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A Day In The Mountains

There were a few people I absolutely had to see while visiting Utah, and Brandi was one of them. I was so happy and grateful that we were able to catch each other a few times. One of those days was spent picnicking in the mountains at one of my favorite spots with food from one of my favorite restaurants. We chatted about fashion and light-hearted things and we chatted about spiritual and more personal things. We took hundreds of photos (including the series of photos you will find in gif-form below...) and laughed until our cheeks hurt. 

These photos make me laugh, I had no idea Brandi was making all of those funny faces. I was too busy making sure I was aiming the remote at the camera...

After our day in the mountains we headed to my favorite smoothie shop and then to the mall for a little shopping; it was one of those days that you never want to end. I miss it all, already.


Grande Aspirations // My Sister's Tee

I have Grande Aspirations... Just like most of you. I dream, I wonder, I hope, and I keep up my faith. I aspire to be more than I ever thought possible, I aspire to be the very best "me" I can be, I aspire to change the world; even if only in small, un-celebrated ways. I have grande aspirations to see the world, to taste life, to meet strangers as I sit in unfamiliar places, and to leave pieces of my heart everywhere I wander. I have grande aspirations to stand on mountain tops, to breathe the salty, sea air, to long for water in the heat of the desert. I have grande aspirations to live- to truly live, to give my spirit life- to understand the power I have within, the power that we all have.


This tshirt from My Sister's Tee is the perfect addition to my wardrobe. It's loose, light, and inspirational. I love graphic tee's, but sometimes I don't want to buy them for fear of the kind of message their graphics can send. My Sister's Tee delivers beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting messages in a fashionable way! I chose my tshirt in the dolman style and love it. While I was in Utah I was able to style the My Sister's Tee Fall look-book photoshoot; so I had the chance to really get to know each of their styles and I can tell you with certainty that they are all amazing. Each one is just as cute in person as they are in photos and the fact that they offer two kinds of fits makes them stand out. 

tshirt- c/o my sister's tee
kimono- h&m
leggings- c/o agnes & dora
shoes- sven clogs
necklace- the land of salt
rings- fifth & mae, style lately, hand-me-down from my mom
sunglasses- borrowed from brandi

Be sure to grab one or all of the styles from My Sister's Tee. They've got some beautiful new fall colors and are perfect for layering!


Foggy Mountain Top

There was one thing I had to do while in Utah; even if it meant hiking the long trail alone, I was going to get to my cabin. Thank goodness my dad and his best friend love going and were free, because it would have been a very cold hike. The trail to my cabin is rough... it's not something I would feel comfortable driving, myself, so I was grateful my dad was available to take me. 

This particular day was unseasonably cold and wet; it felt more like March. My cabin happens to be on the top of a mountain, and I thought we might see snow fall at any moment. But oh my... I don't know if it's ever been more magical up there. The clouds were very low, they came sweeping over the ridge, making it feel like a dream. The wildflowers were still in bloom and their vibrant colors stood out among the fog and deep greens. We were only able to stay for a couple hours; just enough time to take some photos, make sure everything was ok, and eat lunch. Before we left, we decided to try and drive to the very top, or as far as a vehicle can go, anyway (which happens to be pretty far).

It got to the point where there really was no point in continuing, the clouds were just too thick to see more than a few feet ahead. But I wanted to try, so we kept heading on up. And just as we rounded a corner, a large coyote ran in front of our truck... It froze in the middle of the path, stared at us for a few seconds, then took off, down the other side of the ridge. It hadn't been more than fifteen feet away from me. My hands instinctively flew up to cover my mouth, in pure awe. It was such a beautiful sight... The russet coyote with it's bushy tail, surrounded by mist and pines... I wish I could have captured it in a photo. It was over in a flash, but it's one of those moments that will always remain clear in my mind.

of course we had to stop so they could check out the heard of elk before we scared them off with the sound of the truck.

Oh how I miss living near mountains... They really take the breath away and put things into perspective.


Throwing A Whimsical Woodland Bridal Shower Using My Sam's Club Membership

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Sam’s Club. All opinions are mine alone.

*Photo Credit to Lori Romney Photography* minus the smoothie and last two, in-store photos

As soon as I learned of my best friend Lauren's engagement, I started planning her bridal shower.  Planning a party from two thousand miles away is no easy task, but thanks to Sam's Club, that job was made a whole lot easier. There are certain things you just can't take with you on an airplane, and I knew I could count on the local Sam's Club to have all of the fresh food and disposable items I could possibly need. I even threw in some beautiful flowers that we passed on our way out of the store- they added just the right touch and Lauren really loves flowers, so they had to come. I was very impressed with Sam's Club, the large selections they offer, and the amazing prices. I am so happy to have my Sam's Club membership and know I'll be using it often.

Ariel became my partner in crime for this party and I couldn't have asked for anyone better suited for the job- I seriously can't brag about that girl, enough! Together and for months we brain stormed; there was no detail that we didn't discuss. We know Lauren, backward and forward, so her theme was a no-brainer. She would have the loveliest, outdoor, Whimsical Woodland Bridal Shower that we could possibly give her. I took Ariel with me when shopping for the food and she was just as impressed as I was. We enjoyed trying out some samples they had and exploring the variety of products they offer.

We wanted to keep the food fresh and light, so we provided our guests with fresh berries, almonds, and orange water; the perfect combination for a warm, summer night spent outside. The prices at Sam's Club are amazing; I was able to purchase large packs of berries for a price I would pay for a small pack at any other grocery store; berries are not cheap, so this made me a very happy party planner. 

The party turned out amazing- a magical night, to be sure. We had all of Lauren's closest friend's in attendance, played some bridal shower games, watched Lauren open her presents, enjoyed our delicious food (on the best disposable serveware money can buy, from Sam's Club, of course), and chit-chatted the night away. It was over all too soon.

all florals arranged by Floral Design by Erin

As lovely as the party was, I could hardly move or open my eyes the next morning... Luckily, I had thrown the left over berries into the freezer the night before, and a berry smoothie was just what the doctor (and by doctor I mean me) ordered. It was the perfect way to start my slow morning- fresh, revitalizing, and delicious! Here's how I made it...

In a blender, I combined:
a handful of all the berries I had- strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries
1/2 cup vanilla coconut milk
half of a frozen banana
handful of spinach

Honestly, it's almost easier than a bowl of cereal and far healthier! I felt ready to take on the world for another day. (which, thank goodness, happened to be free of plans)
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#TrySamsClub #CollectiveBias

If you've been debating on whether or not to give a Sam's Club card a try- then let me settle that debate. The answer is Do It, I know you won't regret it! Bonus- their membership fees are just as reasonably priced as everything else in that store! Thanks to Sam's Club, Lauren's bridal shower came together better than I ever could have hoped for.

P.S. Be sure to check back soon for more details and photos from this bridal shower!


Just a Dream

"Is all that we see or seem, just a dream within a dream?" -Edgar Allen Poe

Sometimes, I am not sure of "reality". When I went to Utah, it all felt real, normal, and my memories of Maryland seemed to be nothing but a dream. Now, I am back on the East Coast and my trip to Utah feels like nothing more than a dream... over in the blink of an eye. Life moves quickly, we must stay awake and savor each moment before it's gone. Even the hard times will one day be missed. Thank goodness I took pictures, because I would almost believe it was all just a dream, otherwise. I had the best time and made memories I will cherish forever.

These photos were taken with Brandi on my last night there. We met up to take some pictures, spend more time together, and then had snacks at a favorite restaurant with some other close blogging friends. I do miss the close-knit blogging scene that comes with living in Utah. Some of my best friends have been made through blogging and I miss them, dearly. I wish I could take all of my favorite people with me, wherever I go.

jacket- karma
dress- c/o mart of china
shoes- sven clogs
jewelry- c/o fifth & mae

This has been a go-to outfit lately. I am in love with this dress, so much so that I have a blue one arriving any day now... This jacket is the perfect addition to my wardrobe, it hits in a much better place on my short torso for certain outfits than my other denim jackets do. And this jewelry, It's all from Fifth and Mae, and really, if you haven't figured out my love for that company by now, then you haven't been reading a word I've said for the past year. Basically, this outfit is everything I love, all rolled into one. It's a good thing you don't see what I wear every day... because it's this outfit right here, on repeat... and that would be embarrassing.