Mint Hot Chocolate Recipe

Here in Utah, winter has set in completely and I am already dreaming of warmer weather. I just get so cold so easily these days and it really makes the winters difficult. However, I've learned some tricks about staying warm and I have to say, the best way to warm up is from the inside out.

This mint hot chocolate recipe is so delicious! It is extra creamy and flavorful and warms me up from the inside out. But best of all, I can stick this drink in my Thermos Brand bottle and hit the road feeling nice and toasty - no matter what the weather outside is doing - because my Thermos Brand bottle will keep my hot drinks hot!

1 1/2 cup Coconut Milk
3/4 cup Mint Chocolate
2 tbsp Cocoa Powder
Non-Dairy Whipped Cream

Place the coconut milk and cocoa powder in a sauce pan and whisk together. Once blended, add the mint chocolate and place the pan over medium heat. Stir constantly until chocolate is melted and ingredients are blended completely. Keep on the heat and stir occasionally until it reaches desired temperature (I don't like my hot chocolate too hot because it burns my tongue...). Pour the mixture into your Thermos Brand tumbler and top with whipped cream and chopped up mint chocolates.

This Thermos Brand bottle is so sleek and classy, making it perfect for any situation - from the office to the mountains. And of course, in good Thermos Brand fashion, it is insulated to keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot - a must for anyone who is always on the go, like me.

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Traveling Europe // The Curse of the Leprechauns

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The original plan on our fourth day in Europe was to spend the morning exploring Dingle, Ireland, then head up towards the Cliffs of Moher. However, sometimes fate has other plans...

After the tour around the Irish coastline, we climbed back into the car to head towards northern Ireland. We couldn't help but stop here and there along the way to snap some pictures of the incredible Irish countryside. The road to Dingle is quite treacherous and at one point, as the road wraps up around a mountainside, it narrows to allow only one car to pass at a time. It was nerve-wracking, but we seemed to make it through the worst part and were headed towards our destination when we decided to make one more stop.

There was a particularly pretty spot where other adventurers had stopped to go for what looked to be a short hike. The parking area was next to a small waterfall, so I knew that there must be something even better at the top. I decided to leave all of my belongings - except my camera - in the car so I could fully enjoy this experience, and then excitedly hiked up the mountainside. As I reached the top, my eyes were greeted with a magical sight as a dark and mysterious lake, surrounded by fog that rolled over the mountain's peak, came into view. I climbed up to a spot where I could be alone and just sat for a while, soaking it all in.

I spent as much time on top of that mountain as I could before I knew we needed to hit the road again, and as I climbed back down I stumbled across a beautiful crystal. It was quite large and I felt like it would make a great souvenir, so I put it in my pocket - happy with my small discovery. I then met my friend and we climbed back down the mountainside to our car. However, when we reached the vehicle, my friend could not find our key.

In a panic I started back up the mountain, scanning every rock, bush, and mud pile I could. I was completely determined to find that key - I knew how expensive it would be to replace and was terrified as to what would happen if we didn't find it. As we searched, it started to rain (of course, right?), and I started to reach my wits end. I knelt on the mountainside, praying for help and guidance, but not feeling any direction. I cried as I was on my hands and knees - reaching into crevices in the rocks and digging through the bushes. After an hour of dedicated searching, I stood up - soaked to the bone - took my souvenir crystal out of my pocket and said to myself "This place, this crystal, they must be magical. That is the only explanation!"

I had looked everywhere, I couldn't imagine where the key could be. At that point, my sanity settled on the conclusion that the crystal I had taken belonged to Leprechauns, and since I took their crystal, they must have taken our key. So as tears welled up in my eyes, I placed the crystal back onto the soft earth, asked them to please return our key, and began my search once again...

Now, I never found that key, nor did my friend. But what we did find was the amazing family in the picture below. They wouldn't leave that mountain without us. They drove us back to Dingle, made sure we found a place to stay, and let my friend charge her phone with their charger.

Of course, I was still distraught, as was my friend. But their help and kindness eased our burden of being stranded in a foreign country, and I will forever be grateful for them!

We were able to find a hostel for just $17 per night, so after grabbing some toothbrushes, toothpaste, and apples at the local market, we walked over to check into our room. Since all of our belongings were in the car on top of a mountain, we had to wash what clothes we had in the sink with hand soap and sleep wrapped up in our towels while they hung to dry. But we were able to shower, sleep in warm beds, and contact our families. So even though the situation seemed bleak, we were truly being taken care of... No thanks to the leprechauns.


Monat Hair Products Review

Three years ago my hair reached an all time low... I mean, as far as "the melt" goes it was perfect, but as far as healthy, thick, shiny, natural hair - it was the worst it had ever been. So, I decided to give my hair a break and let it heal. I stopped coloring it but then took it to the next level and chopped it short. Since then, I have not colored my hair and have taken greater care as to the amount of heat it deals with, which products I use, and making sure I give it the TLC it deserves.

My hair was doing well, but it was still lacking in that extra oomph I was looking for. So when Meagan Rigney reached out a few months ago and asked me to try Monat shampoo and conditioner, I was excited to give it a shot. Little did I know that it was going to be a life changer!

Never before had I used a shampoo and conditioner that have made my hair feel as good as Monat. It's silkier, it's thicker, it's shinier, and the color seems even more vibrant. I was a skeptic at first, I'll admit it. But after giving Monat a serious trial run, I am hooked. In fact, I emailed Megan last night to let her know I'm going to need to buy another set!

So if you're looking to improve the quality of your hair (especially during these harsh winter months), then be sure to reach out to Meagan! She and Monat will take great care of you.


Just Porter // Commuter Backpacks

As I get older, I become a lot more picky about where my money goes. With so many options out there, I don't want to buy just any products - I will always pick the one that has a story behind it, the one that does more than just sell beautiful products. Just Porter is one of those companies. The kind that tugs at your heart strings and provides an amazing product that helps people around the world.

This bag is seriously cool - inside and out. It is made of an extremely durable material, has a ton of space (I took this as my only bag to Virginian a few weeks ago and it was the perfect weekender bag), and is classy enough for the workplace yet cool enough for tagging along on all of your adventures. But the best part about this bag has to be the fact that for every bag sold, another bag - filled with school supplies - is delivered to a child in need.

This black Friday, be sure to shop with companies like Just Porter that do more than just provide a quality product - they provide hope for people around the world.


Me, My Dog, & My Thermos Brand Tumbler

Now that I've got myself an adventure puppy, you better believe she'll be going everywhere with me. We've been taking it slow as we get used to each other, but I can't wait to take her on some great hikes or to my cabin! While Scout is my new BFF, I still can't go anywhere without my Thermos brand Tumbler that is perfect for any adventure. From keeping my tea hot to keeping my water ice cold, this Thermos Brand Tumbler is the perfect companion to mine and Scout's adventures.

I love that this Thermos brand Bottle is easy to grip while retaining its sleek design. Its matte black look is not only chic for any activity - from work to camping - but it also matches Scout's beautiful black coat. The three of us really were a match made in heaven!

Be sure to snag yourself your own Thermos brand Tumbler from Bed Bath & Beyond or Walmart (adventure puppies sold separately). You could even win a few of your own Genuine Thermos Brand products through a promotion being hosted on the official Thermos Brand Facebook page. There will be a total of 10 winners, so be sure check it out!
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