With a love for sweat pants, the fact that I don't have a real closet at the moment, and seeing as I'm single- you could hardly call this a fashion blog, and yet, people do. At 4'8" I may just be the shortest fashion blogger you will ever know; but blogging is not just for the tall, married, or those who have a proper place to store their clothes. So feel free to stay a while, I'm sure we're going to become best friends!

Not enough? Here are some random facts about me...

-I am originally from Utah but I currently live just outside of DC in the cutest little beach town you ever did see.
-I have also lived in Alaska, Florida, and Southern Utah (which is a world all its own).
-I am a makeup artist, stylist, creative director, and master aesthetician. It's true. Check out my Portfolio.
-I wear hats all the time, but you'll realize that as you read my blog.
-I love anything vintage... pretty much.
-If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be to Norway, followed closely by Germany.
-I have become surprisingly easy going over my twenty-something years.
-I am a mountain girl at heart.
-I love long drives and hate flying.
-If I could walk everywhere, I would.
-I love the color taupe... it goes with everything.
-I think wildflowers are the best.
-I could live off of animal crackers and dark chocolate covered fruit.

Want to know more? Just ask!
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