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I am always trying to make sure that the products I purchase come from socially responsible and eco-friendly sources. From my food to my clothing, there are always ways to find companies that take responsibility for their products, and these Pons sandals are exactly that! I wore them all over Europe and found they were perfect for days spent walking over cobbled stone streets and gravel pathways. They were so comfortable and stylish and went with every outfit I had packed.

Made by Artisans in Ciutadella, Spain, Pons is a family owned business and has been since 1945. Their base is made using recycled tires, and each sandal is handcrafted from start to finish. Using traditional Avarcas designs and eco friendly products, they're able to create a beautiful product that embraces their heritage and allows them to share it with the world.

Pons Avarcas USA discount code: PONS20PONS

dress - madewell (on sale)
shoes - c/o avarcas usa
bag - c/o awl snap

If you want a pair of your own this Summer (and trust me, you do), then be sure to use my discount code PONS20PONS to receive 20% off your purchase! I'd love to know which style and color you choose!


Savanna Monroy said...

What a beautiful piece, I love it!

Dearest Lou said...

You're so adorable! Also I think I need those shoes in my life.

Shetty Sony said...

really its a beautiful piece and i loveit http://bit.ly/2p2AURO

townjuice said...

Do you find that the strap on the back stays put?

townjuice said...

Does the strap on the back stay on well?

Gentri said...

YES! I have a pair that are a bit small and they tend to slide off. But then I got my correct size and they're perfect! I also just bought a pair with the ankle strap and they're my FAV!

townjuice said...

Oops sorry for the double comment earlier! I just wanted to let you know that I used your code and got the taller ones with ankle straps! They just arrived today so I haven't worn them out yet but they feel comfy right out of the box and I think I might get another pair. Do you know when your code expires?
Thanks again!

Gentri said...

YAY!! I'm so glad you got them! You are going to love them, so much! Seriously they're the comfiest shoes I own. I wore them all over Europe with no problems! The code was SUPPOSED to expire yesterday, but try it again!

mleb said...

Aww I didn't see this in time! I wanted to buy a yellow pair but your code does not work anymore ☹️

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