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I admit, I was nervous about visiting London... It had always been one of my must-see cities, but the idea of actually going was a little nerve wracking. However, as soon as I got there I was completely comfortable! I mastered the subway system in no time (thanks to my phone, really), and seeing all of those iconic London landmarks was more exciting than I had ever imagined!

First up was Buckingham Palace - home to the dear old Queen of England. It's a beautiful building tucked behind an ornate gate with fountains decorating the street in front of it. After getting some pictures with my own camera, I somehow ended up as an unofficial tourist photographer. I suddenly found myself taking picture after picture for tourist after tourist until one sweet couple helped me make my escape. I am not even sure how it happened... I guess when people see you have a camera around your neck they feel they can trust you.

Next up was Big Ben and Westminster Abbey; I could hardly contain my excitement by this point. There's really no way you can visit Big Ben without singing the "You Can Fly" song from Peter Pan (in fact, give it a listen to complete the London mood... or London Calling, which is also fitting). I spent a good hour solely taking pictures of the iconic clock tower. From the westside view with the double decker busses to the bridge view from the east after the sun had set. I even recruited a couple girls to help me create a fun long-exposure effect using the flashlights on our phones. We had so much fun and I took down their information so I could make sure to send them the pictures once I edited them... However, I have since switched phones and that information did not transfer over... So girls, if you're reading this - let me know!

My first day in London was as exciting and beautiful as I had hoped it would be. But of course, I had a lot more on my list to see and was eager to start exploring again the next day...


Lyosha Varezhkina said...

oh I miss London! it's lovely! very very nice outfit as well (great shoes!)

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Terri T said...

Gorgeous pictures! They're beautiful!

Terri T said...

Gorgeous pictures! They're so beautiful!

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