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Germany, along with Norway, had always taken the top spot on my "places I must visit" list. The fact that I was actually visiting was incredible and a little surreal. We entered Germany on the autobahn, watching cars fly past us at speeds you can't find on the streets of America. As we drove deeper and deeper into Germany, we entered the Rhine Valley which is nestled in the heart of the Black Forest. We stopped in a sleepy little town for dinner, tours, and some shopping. This was one of the moments of my trip I had been waiting for. It was the moment I was able to make the one large purchase I had come to Europe to make - a cuckoo clock!

The next day was spent driving into Munich/Munchen where we took a bike tour around the city. This was such a fun, active, and modern way to learn about the city's history and it ended with dinner in the Chinesischer Turm, one of Munich's most popular beer gardens. Of course, I wasn't drinking. But I enjoyed the opportunity of experiencing the German culture.

After Munich, it was time to head to Austria through the Bavarian Alps, including the tallest mountain in Germany - the Zugspitze. I loved this part of our drive and was glued to the window the entire time. Seeing the Alps in person is an incredible experience that I had always hoped to have but never expected to.

to be continued in Austria!

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Kayti Clayton said...

Alright, now I have questions. First of all - are you strictly a travel blogger now?? How are you traveling so much!? Your blog has made such a huge shift recently (don't get me wrong - I love it) but I'm so curious!!

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