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Now that I had joined up with the tour group, it was time to head to Amsterdam! We boarded the tour bus early in the morning and made the drive down to the White Cliffs of Dover where we drove the bus right onto the ferry. The White Cliffs are a beautiful scene and the perfect way to say goodbye to England. The ride lasted about an hour and then it was back on the bus to road trip through Europe. Amsterdam was our first stop, and I had one mission in mind - eat a fresh stroopwafels  This is something I had been wanting to do ever since I saw one in a movie about 12 years ago (not the best video, but it shows you what started the obsession - here).

I spent the evening in Amsterdam wandering aimlessly with a few other girls from the group. I did some souvenir shopping, ate some gelato (of course), and took a lot of pictures! Amsterdam is a very beautiful city and I'm pretty sure that its Central Station was a big inspiration for the design of the outside of Disney's It's a Small World! At least, that is what it looked like to me. The next morning, we had a few more hours to explore the city before we had to head to our next destination. First stop was the I Amsterdam sign, a must for tourists, then the girls and I made our way over to the flower market, and Anne Frank's House (although I didn't get to tour the inside).

All throughout the morning I was keeping my eyes peeled for the elusive fresh stroopwafels. Everywhere I had looked had only sold prepackaged waffles and that just wasn't going to cut it. I was ready to give up when one of the girls I was touring with saw the sign! Thanks to the Lanskroon, I was able to cross another bucket list item off my list. The other girls and I sat along the edge of the roadway with our feet dangling over the canal as we ate our stroopwafels, feeling satisfied that we were able to see and do so much with our limited Amsterdam time.

Be sure to try a fresh stroopwafel for yourself if you ever visit Amsterdam! So much better than the packaged kind!


Smile Is It said...

Love these pictures of old good Europe :)

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I am heading to Amsterdam in April and posts like this get me so excited. Thanks for sharing. Your Germany post is equally inspiring (although I don't have any plans to go there - yet).

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