Make Your Own Adventure Book

As an avid traveler, I'm always trying to come up with fun ways I can preserve my memories. While my blog never misses an adventure post, I always try to print off my pictures. However, I never know what to do with all of those loose photos, and I'm not really into the traditional scrapbooking method (I just don't have that talent). So when I found the Make My Book Service with Shutterfly, I knew this was exactly what I needed!

The hard part was deciding which photos and adventures I was going to collect in my first book. After getting lost in my memories, I decided that I would start with the six national parks I visited last year. I could have made this a 200 page book with all of the photos I have, no problem. But I limited myself and narrowed it down to a few favorite photos from each park.

Once I had my favorite photos selected, I was able to put my Shutterfly Photo Book together with no trouble! The Make My Book service is a breeze to navigate and their professionally made layouts and designs made personalizing my National Park book fun, easy, and visually stunning! I loved knowing that a professional designer was formatting my book for me and that it was free for me to get started. I love playing around with the Make My Book service all I want and only ordering when I felt like I'm ready.

Do you have a bunch of travel photos piling up and you aren't sure how to preserve them? I highly recommend using the Make My Book Service by Shutterfly! You'll love all of the design options and that you can even type up your story and comments to go with each image or group of images. You'll want to create book after book, because it's kind of addicting!

If you end up making one of your own, let me know! I'd love to see it.


Kate Hancock said...

This is so cute!! Your photos are always o gorgeous! I need to do this with photos of my boys. I keep meaning too and just put it off. I am going to make that a goal in the next week or so :)

Kristin Andrade said...

Love the photo book such a cute idea!


Lauryncakes | Lauryn Hock said...

I love how adventurous you are! These are adorable pictures.

Nikki H said...

Love this idea!!! And you're so cute! Miss you!

Tiia Lin said...

Love this idea! What a great why to document an adventure!

Shani Ogden said...

I love all your pictures and your pictures of pictures! I used to work for a digital scrapbooking company and I loved it because I got to make a million books. I'm a picture junkie and always take way too many. ;)

Erin Ruoff said...

This is awesome. Love how you photographed the book!

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