Lessons Learned From Road Trips

Growing up, my family didn't do a lot of big vacations. We rarely went anywhere with a beach and we rarely took a plane. But just because I wasn't sunning in Mexico or flying to France didn't mean that my parent's were depriving me of travel. For me and my family, a vacation meant a road trip. We were constantly packing up the car and driving to various destinations for camping, white water rafting, and 4wheeling. From the time I was born I have been hitting the road, and that would explain why I love it so much to this day.

Now that I'm a twenty-something, I've done a good amount of road tripping. From Alaska to Florida and everywhere in between... Even across Europe! All that driving definitely gives a girl time to think. So here are some of the most important lessons I've learned from road tripping...

1. Get off the beaten track
Just because you have things mapped out doesn't mean you have to stick to the plan. Some of my favorite memories came from being spontaneous! If something looks interesting or you just feel extra adventurous - take that turn, make the stop, and throw the plan out the window. But not literally, because that's littering.

2. Accept the quiet
My favorite part about a road trip is the time it allows me to think. I do some of my best thinking while I'm on the open road with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company. Let yourself dig deep and amazing things will happen!

3. Roll with it
Things are bound to come up while you're on your road trip and it provides great practice for day to day life. When things come up, roll with it. Make it work, then move on.

4. Time to reconnect
Let yourself get lost in the beauty of the world around you. Enjoy the change of scenery from red desert to blue waters. Notice the little things and let them ground you.

5. You'll get there
Never compare your easy going pace to someone else's race. You're going to get to your destination in your own time. So slow down, enjoy every moment, and make the journey just as great as the destination.

6. No Idling
And when you get home, don't wait too long to start planning your next trip. Idling is bad for the environment (and your soul).

Where will you be going next? Let me know in the comments!

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