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While getting to England wasn't the biggest stretch of my month-long journey, it was certainly the roughest. I was so happy to know I wouldn't be boarding another plane for a few weeks and could just enjoy getting from one place to the next by car. The first night in England was spent at an Airbnb in Great Clifton where I was able to unwind after a long day of traveling, freshen up, and prep myself for the next portion of the trip.

We woke up early the next morning to make it in time for the local LDS Church service. This was probably the smallest ward I have ever attended, but the Spirit was so sweet and strong; I wish I could have stayed to get to know the members. After church, it was time to head for England's Lake District. The green, rolling hills here are so beautiful and just as the name suggests, the lakes are everywhere. I didn't make a lot of time for taking pictures during this portion of the journey as I was busy soaking it all in rather than capturing it through my camera.

Our only big stop was in Keswick - the most dog-friendly town I've ever seen (which I loved). Here I was able to do some good souvenir shopping and gather pieces with meaning rather than just your typical souvenir. My two favorite shops were the official Peter Rabbit store and Cherry Didi - where I was the first customer to buy a Crafts by Ra rug (which is far too beautiful for me to ever use as a rug)! Cherry Didi has some amazing local treasures, from paintings to pottery - I could have bought one of everything.

The next couple nights were spent near Hidcote, a beautiful and iconic manor house and garden, in a quaint and historic area of the Cotswolds. I spent a good portion of my day wandering through the garden's hedges, vegetable patches, and orchards - feeling like I had stepped back in time. This sleepy town shuts down quite early, however, which made dinner a bit of a struggle both nights. But I kind of loved that about it.

Next up was a drive through Bourton on the Water which is England's "Venice". There were antique shops everywhere, a delicious cafe for tea, and a beautiful canal running through the middle of town. This canal is clearly a gathering place for the locals. Not only do kids and dogs love it, but they also use it for soccer/football games! I'm not much of a sports player... ok, not at all, but even I'd consider playing here!

to be continued...

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How magically lovely!

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