Traveling Europe // Norway In A Nutshell Pt. 1

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This day was one I had been looking forward to my entire life. I didn't know when it would happen, I just knew it must happen. Looking back now, visiting Norway and fulfilling that lifelong goal and dream was one of the best decisions I've ever made - and now I'm dying to go back asap... who's with me?

When I awoke the next morning, I felt like an 11 yr. old heading to Hogwarts. It was another early start, but I had plenty of excitement to get me going. So I packed a small day bag and headed for the train station. There, my travel friend and I boarded the train to begin our Norway in a Nutshell tour. The first train took us on an hour ride back up the mountain to Myrdal, where we then boarded a second train that felt like the Hogwarts Express. With its red and gold interior, I could hardly resist this photo-op!

The train pulled away from the station and drove deeper into the mountainside. The first stop was the Kjosfossen waterfall, which was unlike any waterfall I had ever seen. As I was taking pictures, a strange song began, growing louder so it could be heard over the noise of the rushing water. In the distance, next to a small house, a "dancer" began portraying a mythical enchantress. You'll notice her in one of the pictures, below. The legend states that water nymphs dance and entice men towards the waterfall, and their doom.

The train then took us all the way through the mountains to the tiny town of Flåm. Here I had a few hours to spend however I wanted. There were quiet moments at the edge of the fjord, veggie crepes for lunch, and a good amount of souvenir shopping. I could have stayed in Flåm forever, with its towering mountains, many waterfalls, and majestic views. But the last part of our journey was soon to begin, and I wasn't about to miss it...

to be continued...


Shyscout said...

These photos are so dreamy - I can only imagine how wonderful it all must be in person. I love how you write about your trip - so much love and excitement! I hope to get to Norway some day :]


Allison said...

Such gorgeous pictures!! I want to jump inside them! What a wonderful trip.

amy said...

Man oh man, you're visiting one of the places that i so desperately want to go to! <3
These pictures are BEYOND stunning!

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