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This is my last blog post about Norway and it feels like I have to say good-bye all over again. I can't tell you how ready I am to go back here... From my childhood daydreams to a reality in my twenties... Things like this are what make life so sweet.

My last day in Bergen was spent walking around town, eating delicious food (and drinking the best hot chocolate in the world), and best of all - taking the Funicular to the top of the Mount Fløyen. The ride lasts about ten minutes and had all of my senses alive as we climbed the mountain. (I'm telling you, Disney World's Norway ride is so similar to this in smell, looks, etc.) Once at the top, there are plenty of trails for hiking and biking - you could spend an entire day here! It was raining pretty hard during my visit, but I wasn't about to let that stop me. So I hiked into the woods, using my phone to take pictures so I wouldn't ruin my camera, even though I did brave it a couple times (my friend was kind enough to zip my camera up into her coat while we hiked).

Mount Fløyen is magical. It's filled with small waterfalls, dense trees that make it feel like The Forbidden Forest from Harry Potter, and best of all - TROLLS! That's right, in the forest near the cafe there are a bunch of wooden troll statues scattered throughout the trees. I had so much fun wandering around and snapping photos of them all, I loved how each one was so different and funny in its own way.

Before I knew it, my time in Norway had come to an end. We made our way back to our Bergen Airbnb, I dried my socks over the heater, packed up, and caught a taxi to the airport. This flight was a rough one, and we didn't land in Oslo until late that night, only to then have to take an hour bus ride to southern Norway where we slept for a few hours then caught another flight to... England!

To be continued...

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Jane said...

Wow what an absolutely amazing trip. The scenery is just gorgeous! It sounds like you had the best time too.

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