Traveling Europe // Bath, UK

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As a Jane Austen fan, Bath was a place that always intrigued me, but not a place I ever imagined I'd get to see in person. It's a beautiful city, filled with a unique history surrounding the roman bath in the middle of town. When you tour the bath, you're offered a headset, allowing you to tour it at your own pace. It was incredible to step back in time and see this place almost as it stood hundreds of years ago. Because the waters are sulfuric, they're very healing, meaning the baths were used for more than just relaxation back in the day.

The next day, I was able to tour Jane Austen's home, and do some much-needed shopping. I had packed very little for my month-long journey, and was dying for some clothes that felt more feminine than my black t-shirts and leggings. With my hair in a braid, a floral shirt, and a bit of lipgloss, I was feeling like a whole new woman.

I had a great time in Bath and wish I could have explored it for just a little bit longer. But of course, there was so much more to see on my journey and it was time to move on.

To be continued...

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