Traveling Europe // Stranded in Ireland

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After getting settled into our hostel in Dingle, Ireland, we learned that it would be one to two days until our replacement key would arrive. The question was, how were we going to spend that time? Without any money (or anything except the clothes on my back and my camera), there weren't a whole lot of options. So, it looked like a long day of walking and exploring was on the agenda - which luckily is one of my favorite things to do.

Dingle is filled with fun little shops, an aquarium, and some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen. After a morning filled with window shopping, museum wandering, and a turn around their local cathedral, I decided to take the two mile walk out to the lighthouse. It was one of the best ways to unwind after a stressful night and one of the most beautiful walks I have ever taken.

There couldn't have been a more picturesque and European way to spend my afternoon. Walking through pastures filled with cows, past ancient ruins, and watching the tour boats go in and out as the local dolphin - Fungi - jumped in and out of the water. I even met a fellow American along the way and we walked together to the lighthouse. She even took pictures of me with her phone then text them to me so I'd have them if and when I was reunited with my own phone.

I found this plaque of the 2002 Winter Olympics to be heartwarming. Since I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, it felt like a little sign that even though I was far from home, everything would be just fine.

After my walk, I found a lone book at the hostel and spent my evening reading the entire thing and snacking (ravenously eating, I should say) on biscuits and water. But the next morning, the rental car key arrived and my friend and I were able to get a lift back to up the mountain to our car and continue on our European adventure.

Even though this setback seemed completely devastating at first... Ultimately it was a great way to slow down and see the west coast of Ireland on a deeper level. Plus, all of our belongings were completely in tact and untouched when we made it back to our car - which was a huge blessing!


Brandi said...

gorgeous photos

Vicki said...

These photos just solidify my need to go to Ireland! So pretty.

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