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I was determined to make my second and last day in Scotland count, even if it meant taking a risk. So the clerk who worked at the hostel I was staying in (which, btw, was precisely what you picture when you think of a "hostel") found me a day tour to Loch Ness - which is exactly what I was hoping to find. So, early the next morning, I tip toed out of the shared room so as not to wake one of the ten strangers I was bunking with, and then made my way to the pick up spot. I was going solo for the day, which gave me a taste for what it's like to travel alone. And I have to say - I loved it.

At a quarter to seven, the Wee Red Bus rolled in to pick up myself and 11 other passengers. We all piled on, and our tour guide, Keith greeted us in his Scottish kilt. The other guests were visiting from all corners of the globe, including - Canada, Italy, and the sweetest family from Egypt who took me under their wing a bit. After introductions, Keith put on some Irish tunes (including one of my favorite songs from the movie Brave - listen here to complete the Scottish mood) and we hit the road.

My nose and camera lens were practically pressed against the glass throughout our entire drive. I was soaking in every second. We drove to Loch Lubnaig and took a snack break, then wound our way through the highlands to Glen Coe - which is now one of the most stunning places I have ever been. The mountains are an unbelievably vibrant green, and covered in waterfalls. I made sure I found some time to wander through the trails by myself while the rest of my group took advantage of the rest stop. I could have stayed in Glen Coe forever. But we were on a tight schedule, and all too soon we hit the road once more to make our way to Loch Ness...

horizontal rainbow!

to be continued...

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amy said...

I am so jealous you've visited the highlands! <3
It was on my list of places to go but we just didn't make it!

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