Traveling Europe // The Cliffs of Moher & Galway

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Since two of our travel days had been cut out due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to cancel our plans to see Northern Ireland and end our stay by cutting across the middle of the country, through Galway. But of course, what would a trip to Ireland be without seeing the Cliffs of Moher? So before we made our way back to Dublin, we were sure to stop and take in these infamous cliffs.

I loved walking along this ridge, picturing movies I'd seen them in so many times. From Harry Potter to Princess Bride, it was amazing to see something in real life that I'd only ever seen through pictures.  The cliffs are incredibly steep and tall, with unstable edges and signs warning to keep your distance. Strong winds frequent this area, making sure that no one even thinks about tiptoeing over the marked pathway. After a couple hours of exploring and checking out the visitor center, it was time to head to our final, and favorite, Irish air b&b.

The next morning was spent exploring Galway before rushing to catch the flight to Scotland. Galway is a charming town filled with shops, street performers, and artisan markets. I spent my single hour of free time wandering in and out of shops and grabbed a snack or two to take on the flight to Scotland.

You know I had to grab my favorite M&M’S® to get me through my flight to Scotland!

to be continued...

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amy said...

Oh how i wanted to visit the Cliffs of Moher while we were in Ireland.
We went during the start of the busy season - so we knew it would be too crowded. Next trip for sure!

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