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As we drove around the coast of Ireland, we made sure to head out to the infamous (and tiny) town of Dingle. Here I had scheduled a half-day tour around the coastline that included a few archeological stops. As much as I love exploring on my own, there's something to be said for a guided tour. I love that it gives me a chance to learn things I wouldn't have known had I just wandered on my own, and it also takes away the stress of travel.

I chose the Sciuird Archeological Tour and was not disappointed! Tim was such a sweet guy who knew so much about this town he calls home. He taught us about Irish history, including the specific history of Dingle, and showed us some of the ancient Irish dwellings that still remain today. He also let us stop at his friends farm to let us hold their baby lamb and has a special spot he stops every day to say hello to his favorite seagull - Oscar. You know I was all about that!

The Irish coast is everything I imagined it would be. The smell, the chill in the air, the gloomy weather, and the lush green countryside. It all combines to create an absolutely magical scene that left me wanting more. (And boy did I get it... To be continued)


Artsy VaVa said...

I loved this post. My husband and I have been to Ireland twice and are planning a third trip for next Fall. The last time we were there, we went to Dingle. What a charming town (but in Ireland most of them are)! Next time I'd like to take the tour and learn more about Dingle's history. One of our favorite things from our last trip was a horse and buggy ride through the Gap Of Dunloe. Can't wait to go again!

amy said...

this makes me miss ireland so much! I've been twice (and to scotland twice) and i can not wait to go back! <3
stunning captures!

luzmaría moonandroses said...

wow, looks amazing, i really enjoy nature and interesting places :D

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