Me, My Dog, & My Thermos Brand Tumbler

Now that I've got myself an adventure puppy, you better believe she'll be going everywhere with me. We've been taking it slow as we get used to each other, but I can't wait to take her on some great hikes or to my cabin! While Scout is my new BFF, I still can't go anywhere without my Thermos brand Tumbler that is perfect for any adventure. From keeping my tea hot to keeping my water ice cold, this Thermos Brand Tumbler is the perfect companion to mine and Scout's adventures.

I love that this Thermos brand Bottle is easy to grip while retaining its sleek design. Its matte black look is not only chic for any activity - from work to camping - but it also matches Scout's beautiful black coat. The three of us really were a match made in heaven!

Be sure to snag yourself your own Thermos brand Tumbler from Bed Bath & Beyond or Walmart (adventure puppies sold separately). You could even win a few of your own Genuine Thermos Brand products through a promotion being hosted on the official Thermos Brand Facebook page. There will be a total of 10 winners, so be sure check it out!

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