For The Girl Who's Always Cold

As someone who always seems to be cold (I use a space heater in my office during the Summer...), I am always on the lookout for the perfect clothing items that will keep me nice and toasty. So when I heard about Cuddl Duds I knew my winter world was about to change!

Cuddl Duds, which you can purchase at Macy's, makes fleece clothing that not only keeps you feeling warm, but will also keep you looking hot! This fleece cardigan is my new go-to item and was the perfect sweater for our first day of Snow here in Utah. It has a hood, pockets, thumb-holes and is incredibly comfortable due to the fact that it's made of fleece... I'm pretty sure it doesn't get any better than that!

My Cuddl Duds cardigan is perfect for everyday wear! From keeping warm in the office to taking care of my fur-baby, this cardigan does it all. While you may think of fleece as loungewear, this sweater looks amazing for any activity (or lack thereof).

So if you, or someone you know is always cold like me, be sure to grab some Cuddl Duds! They'll make the perfect Christmas, just-because, or spoil yourself gift - so stock up, because winter is here to stay.


Rachel Porter said...

love Cuddl Duds!! also your puppy is sooo cute!

Brandi said...

Absolutely LOVE these photos. I miss our house!

Vicki said...

Ahh, that sweater looks sooooo cozy! And your puppy is the cutest!

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