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The holidays are practically here and that means it's time for gathering with friends and family to celebrate whatever it is you celebrate. One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to get out into nature with the people and the products I love most. It's the perfect time to go exploring because everything is much less crowded and the world takes on a stillness as the earth cools and the trees begin to sleep. This year, I'm going to be all about taking the "party" with me wherever I go. Of course, party to me means a few close friends, some sweet treats, and perhaps some apple cider or hot chocolate. Nothing too fancy over here; just nature and simple pleasures.

This is where Stanley Brand comes in. Their products are exactly what my adventuring self needs. Whether it's a quick hike or a day trip to a nearby national park, their products keep my beverages the temperature they're intended to be, fresh, and ready for whatever comes our way! My favorite item for a quick, on-the-go refresher has to be the Stanley Switchback. It's leak proof, has a trigger action (meaning I just need one hand to operate), and keeps my herbal tea hot and my ice water cold.

A big thank you to Stanley Brand for sponsoring today's post and helping me make my adventures everything I dream them to be! Be sure to check out Stanley Brand as they make the perfect gifts for the outdoorsy, adventurer in your life.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

LOVING that green cup.

Oak & Oats said...

Love these photos Gentri! They are so fun!

Elisabeth McKnight said...

such a cute setup - and oh how i miss Utah mountain adventures!

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