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I have this constant struggle with myself on whether I want long hair or short. It seems that I always want what I currently don't have - go figure, right? As you may remember (because you remember everything I do, right?), almost two years ago I chopped my long hair off to a bob. I loved it, of course, as I always do. It felt healthy and fresh. But as time went on I began to miss my long hair and wished I could simply put it in a ponytail or a side braid. So, like all hair stories, I began the process of growing it out - yet again - only to desperately want to chop it all along the way.

Now that my hair has reached an actual "long" length, I am beginning to love it again. And while patience has been the biggest tool in this process, I'm almost positive that Grow It Girl played a part in some sudden and major growth my hair has seen this last month and a half. It seems as though my hair grew overnight - and I'm not the only one who noticed!

Each time I wash my hair I simply spray the Grow It Girl (which is all natural, btw) all over my roots while my hair is still damp. (I part my hair to make sure I am actually spraying my roots and not just near it.) Then, I comb it through my hair and let the Grow It Girl do its thing.

If you are looking to kick your hair-growing process into high gear, be sure to snag yourself some Grow It Girl - It works wonders and smells amazing, too!

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Janey Jessen said...

Thank you so much for featuring Grow It Girl! I HEART you! Xoxo!!

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