Gabbiano Luggage // Best Suitcase For Visiting Europe

Before I left for Europe I spent a good amount of time looking for the perfect travel tools, including the best carry-on bag on the market (in my price range). Even though I was heading abroad for a month, I was only taking a backpack and a carry-on bag, so it was vital that the bag checked all of my required boxes. It had to have four wheels for ease of movement, it had to be hard case to best protect my belongings, it needed to be extremely durable since it would be going through quite a lot throughout my month long journey, it needed a TSA approved lock so I wouldn't have to worry about it in hostels while I was out exploring, and it had to be fashionable.

As my trip drew nearer, I was struggling to find a suitcase I felt good about. None had great reviews without being completely out of my price range. I was about to give in to a basic bag I could find at the nearest department store when my friend Brandi told me about Gabbiano Luggage. I was thrilled when I checked out their site to see that their bags checked all of my boxes! Not only that, but they have such a variety of styles, I had so much fun deciding which one would be the perfect accessory to my European adventure.

Now that my trip has come and gone, I can say with complete confidence that this bag is an absolute trooper! It is still in perfect condition, even after rolling over cobbled stone streets or at a running pace through airport after airport, and being carried all across the eleven countries I visited. Plus, the very first thing that I heard when I pulled up to the Salt Lake City airport to board my flight headed for Ireland was the exclamation of a little girl who said "Oooo, look at THAT suitcase!" with wide eyes and a giant smile.

suitcase - c/o gabbiano luggage (in champagne)
top - zara
jacket - c/o petite époque 
jeans - jcrew
shoes - clarks (mine are UK only, this US style is similar)

So, if you are heading on any sort of trip and are looking for the best small suitcases that are also fashionable, durable, and just make traveling a whole lot easier, then be sure to check out Gabbiano Luggage! They're so great and I can't wait to see where else this lady and I will travel to.

P.S. Stay tuned for a post all about how I was able to pack for an entire month using just a backpack and my Gabbiano Luggage Carry-On Suitcase!


Brandi said...

UK only shoes. Smart choice!!

Oak & Oats said...

Love this bag! I am so looking for something like this!

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