Traveling Europe // Dublin, Ireland

This has got to be a serious record for me... Travel posts usually take me at least three months to get up, but I've been averaging about six for the past year and a half... However, I know you're all on pins and needles, just waiting to hear more about my European travels. So, I figured while we're all still on that European high (ok fine, it's just me), I'd get these posts rolled out. Seriously though, this is a big deal...

Ok, first up on my European adventure was Dublin, Ireland! I arrived after a 13 hr travel day at the time I would normally be going to bed here in Utah. However, it was morning in Dublin, so that meant there was only time for a quick shower before I needed to be out the door! I spent the day wandering the city, taking in all the sites that I possibly could. The Spire was the first site to see (which by the way has no real historical significance. It's just a cool landmark), followed by Ha'Penny Bridge, St Stephen's Green Park, the Trinity College, and of course - the Castle of Dublin.

I was amazed at the amount of flowers along the streets. It seems that every windowsill and porch steps are covered with vibrant and lush flower boxes. The street performers were everywhere, which is one of my favorite parts about city life, and I couldn't help but snap a photo of this little boy in the Leprechaun cutout. It cracked me up! The parks are plentiful in Dublin and filled with picnics, dance groups, and of course - more flowers.

Dublin is where I had my first gelato ice cream of the trip (there were many), and it was the perfect welcome snack! For dinner I had some incredible Irish soup and a puff pastry topped with brie, pears, and rocket - which we in America refer to as arugula (that was so interesting to me).

With a belly full of warm food, feet that couldn't walk another quarter mile, and eyes that wouldn't stay open, no matter how hard I tried - my travel-friend and I made our way back to our airbnb for a good night's rest. To my relief, I slept like a rock for a good ten hours and awoke ready for my second day of European adventures!

to be continued...

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Brandi said...

Amazing. Lovely. Perfect. Love.

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