Favorite Fall Accessories

It is officially Fall in Utah. The leaves have changed, the air is brisk, and there is even snow in the mountains. With that Autumn sun dancing off of every brightly colored leaf, my eyes can scarcely take it all in. The way the light bleeds through the branches, and onto the leaf blanketed ground has me convinced that magic does exist. Because nothing so beautiful could take place in a world without it.

Another beautiful fact of Fall is that it's jacket weather. And goodness knows I love any excuse to wear the brightest jacket in my closet. It's the perfect shade of Autumn red - like a freshly picked apple or the color of the leaves that have turned the mountainside into a "burning" masterpiece. I'm pretty sure every girl needs the perfect red jacket for Fall...

jacket - ann taylor (old) similar
top - hope ave boutique
jeans - top shop
shoes - sam edleman
ring - color by amber
watch - c/o daniel wellington watches
necklace - c/o happiness boutique

What's your must-have or favorite Fall accessory? These boots and that jacket are definitely two of mine!

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Brandi said...

we need to go on a hike during the fall. so bad. we need some friend time.

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