Waterfall Hike in Adams Canyon

A few months back, on Memorial day, my roommate, a friend, and I hiked Adams Canyon in Layton, Utah. I had been wanting to hike to a waterfall and to also do a hike I had never done before, so our friend suggested this one. It was such a great and exciting hike - full of obstacles (nothing too scary) that made the hike interesting. Things like the bridge you see below, walking through rivers, and the part where I "went out on a limb" and climbed a tree that had fallen between two other trees. The picture (which is at the bottom of this post) doesn't do it justice. It was quite high off the ground, especially from the front of the tree (probably a good 50 feet) and I was able to look out over the whole valley.

After we completed the hike, we drove up to Ogden for lunch and to grab some "beer bread" (the alcohol cooks out) which was amazing! It was such a great day and I was so grateful for friends that enjoyed it as much as I did.

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