Summer Open-Mic Night

My roommates and I love to host parties at our house. We enjoy being able to open up this place that we call home and making it a space where we can bond with friends and family. Back in May at our Cinco de Mayo party, a friend of one of our roommates let us know that our backyard we ideal for hosting open mic nights. He happens to put them together all the time, so we let him do that part of things while we made sure our yard was as presentable as possible! We worked for days to clean up the overgrown mess that was our backyard, and turn it into a Summer fairyland -  complete with string lights and a fire for marshmallow roasting.

However, as the event drew nearer, we began to get nervous about the ever-growing number of attendees on the event's Facebook page. But "the show must go on!" we decided and well, it did! With over 300 guests in attendance and some of the best local talent, our open mic night quickly became one of my favorite nights of the season.

Do you enjoy hosting parties? I definitely recommend hosting an open-mic night. It was dreamy!


Elise Von E said...

This looks like such a fun party, and your back yard is an oasis! I LOVE it!

xx, Elise

Beverly Houpt said...

This looks so fun! I'd definitely do this if I were a single gal with cool roommates!

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