Lipsense Lipstick Review // Best Lipstick Ever

As a makeup artist I am constantly on the lookout for my new favorite lipstick. I like to gravitate from one brand to the next, convincing myself that each new lipstick is the best I've ever used. Well... all of that searching has come to an end, thanks to Lipsense by Jalynn Schroeder.

First of all, Lipsense comes in so many colors, I had the hardest time choosing! I stared at the color pallets Jalynn sent me for the longest time, going back and forth until I made my final decision. I ended up going with two lighter pink shades and this beautiful Cranberry red color. But best of all, this lipstick does not rub off! I can eat, scratch, drink, and kiss all day long if I want, and my lipstick won't go anywhere. I am so excited to say that my search for the perfect lip color and long lasting lipstick has officially ended.

Tips to applying Lipsense Lipstick:
- Be sure to exfoliate your lips first with the edge of a damp towel
- The darker colors take a few more layers than the lighter shades
- Apply 2-4 layers of the Lipsense lipstick or until you get the desired look
- Let one layer dry completely before applying the next
- Once your final layer is dry, apply the Gloss to seal it into place and reapply as necessary to keep it moisturized
- The gloss is what will keep your lips looking their best all day

Lipsense Lipstick c/o @JalynnSchroeder

Be sure to check out Jalynn's shop if you are interested in snagging some Lipsense of your own! You'll need to get the starter kit at first, then feel free to grab all the colors your heart desires!


Brandi said...

One day I'll bite the bullet! You look gorgeous. Love the color.

ms.composure said...

LOVING that color!
I always felt that Red was a lil 2 much for me (since I have such dark skin) but I recently found one shade of red that I am in LOVE with.


Diana said...

I keep seeing this stuff all over instagram!! Great color on you!

Donna C. said...

I have been using Lipsense for 2 months and it just keeps lasting longer and longer. Amazing stuff and I love how 3 tubes can create 27 different looks!

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