Home Sweet Rose Bush

The house I currently reside in has it's positives and negatives... It's old, it hasn't been well taken care of, and we have some of the loudest neighbors, ever. But besides that, this house has some real redeeming qualities.

During the springtime this house's yard is in full bloom! You can tell that at one point, there was someone who lived here that really cared for it. One of my favorite spots was this overgrown rose bush next to our drive way. It was full of radiant roses in shades of pink and red. Without any help from anyone, they bloomed, big and beautiful - bringing joy to my roommates and I.

So, I guess you could say our house is sort of like this rose bush... A bit neglected, a bit thorny, but full of beautiful positives that have made it our home.

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luzmaría moonandroses said...

OMG lovely bush of roses, i love your photos
and Like what you said at the end of the post, you right. :=D

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