Top 10 Best Road Trip Stops In America

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My favorite way to travel has always been by car. I love that I can take my time, choose my own route, and listen to all of my favorite road trip tunes. My car has seen a lot of places (from Upstate, NY to Southern Utah) and has quite a lot of miles under her belt(s) - we're talking near 200,000 - so I make sure that I am feeding her the best when it comes to oil. The Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle® is perfect for my car and keeps her running smoothly from state to state. Best of all, I can pop in to Walmart and have my oil changed in the Auto Care Center while I stock up on all of my road trip essentials - which saves me time and money!

I always love telling other people about my adventures and encouraging them to take some of their own. So I have put together a list of 10 of my "favorite" (I can hardly call these my "favorite" as every trip is!) road trip stops that I have visited in the USA. From Alaska to New York, there is such a variety in this one country - my love for this landscape grows with every trip. Keep in mind, some of these posts are quite old, so I apologize if you click through and find terrible grammar and photo quality...

Noncontiguous US - Exit Glacier, Alaska
Really, I could have listed everything I did in Alaska. But this was so long ago that I don't have many (blog-worthy) pictures to choose from. However, this really was one of my favorite experiences while living in Alaska. Exit Glacier is located in Seward and is a fairly easy hike that leads right up to the glacier, itself.

Pacific Northwest - La Push Beach, Washington
I had always dreamed of visiting the beaches of Washington and was ecstatic when that wish came true, last Summer. No matter what time of year it is, you can almost always count on La Push Beach being filled with fog and driftwood. And in the distance, rocky islands peak through the clouds as they clear. photo c/o delaina graff photography

Northwest - Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park
What would a road trip through America be without a stop at Old Faithful? While you wait for the well-timed eruption of this ancient geyser, you can take a stroll along the boardwalk and admire all of the hot springs and mud pots. It's really one of those things you have to do in your lifetime. photo c/o delaina graff photography

Southwest - Delicate Arch, Arches National Park
This is one of those places you visit and feel like you've stepped onto another planet. With rocks that look more like they came from Mars than from Earth, it's a spectacular sight to see. And what would a trip be to the Southwest without a stop at Delicate Arch?

West - Garden of the Gods, Colorado
This (admission free) park is another one of those "other-worldly" spots. Plopped in the middle of the Rocky Mountains lies an iron-rich range of some of the most popular rocks for rock climbers, in the world. Garden of the Gods is perfect for a quick drive-through or an all-day experience.

Central US - Monument Rocks, Kansas
Located in the.middle.of.nowhere is one of my most favorite road trip stops, ever. Monument Rocks are the remains of a prehistoric lake in the middle of the flat, Kansas landscape. You can't even see them until you're almost right on top of them - which is the strangest experience. But walking through the archways and formations of ancient sandstone is an experience I recommend to all road trippers.

Midwest - Gateway Arch, Missouri 
In the heart of St. Louis, Missouri, you'll find one of the most iconic structures in the US. Gateway Arch is such a fun and unique experience for any road tripper. Visiting the underground park shops and then climbing into a pod that takes you to the crest of the arch - where you can then walk around and view the city from all angles - is not to be missed!

Southeast - Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park
I'm a sucker for a great mountain range, and Shenandoah (although not like the rocky peaks I am used to) was definitely a must-see for me. Taking Skyline Drive was the best way to see it and worth the slight detour if you're passing through Virginia.

Southeast pt. 2 - National Mall, Washington, DC (new post to come, enjoy all of my east coast posts, until then)
I left a big chunk of my heart in DC when I left, and I don't think I'll be getting it back. There are endless options of (free!) things to do along the National Mall which can make it the easiest and most overwhelming park in the US. A few of my favorites are the monuments, The Library of Congress, and the Renwick Gallery!

Northeast - Freedom Tower, NYC
The Freedom Tower is worth the visit not only because of its beauty, but because of what it means and what it stands for. I remember 9/11 very well and visiting this site was a humbling experience. Even though the crowd is always large, the people are always hushed when visiting this commemorative landmark.

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Now that you've seen ten of my favorite road trip sites, tell me about some of yours; I'm always looking for something new to see!

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Alice said...

Road trips are the best, haven't done one in ages! This post is totally inspiring me to grab my boyfriend and go somewhere!

xo, alice / T Y P E N U

Elise Von E said...

I am for sure making a note of all of these places. They look beautiful. Great post.

xx, Elise

Storybook Apothecary said...

such a cool trip! love the photos :D pinned!

Lee T said...

Cant decide if I love or hate you for this post, because it's AWESOME; so many great picks, BUT now I have a major travel bug!! haha Thanks for sharing!
Lee | LegalLee Blonde

amy said...

saving this - because MAN i need to go to all of these places!

Breana Newton said...

You have me sooo ready to take another road trip!
Love the photos - almost makes me feel like I'm there.


David Dial said...

Wow, these are some amazing places to visit! Your photos make me want to hop in the car and hit the road. I personally love anything in the mountains, so I'd head towards Alaska if I get the chance. Thanks for sharing! #client

Claire said...

Love all these road trips! Just putting this out there, but the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri not Illinois. East St. Louis (St. Louis, Illinois) is not somewhere one wants to stop on a road trip considering it is one of the most violent cities in the US.

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