Exploring Arches National Park Pt. 3

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After finishing our hike to Delicate Arch, we decided to take the scenic drive through the Devils Garden. The scenery in Arches is unlike any other - a true red rock wonderland, as advertised on the NPS site. We took our time on this drive and made sure to take advantage of every ounce of sunlight. We stopped at a couple natural arches (of course) and explored on foot where possible. The winter weather did make the ground quite muddy, but a little lot of dirt was worth the experience.

As we drove out of the park, we watched the sun create the most beautiful sunset. The way the blue sky contrasted with the red rocks and glowing sunlight was a spectacular sight to see. Then it was time to head back to town where we warmed up with some delicious Thai food and hit the sack as soon as we were able.

to be continued...

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