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I have always been a fan of antique things - clothing, movies, architecture, and of course furniture. There's something about the stories that go along with these items and the care that went into making them that I can't resist. But sometimes you find an antique item that could use a little modern love. When my roommate brought this amazing mid-century modern table home it was love at first sight. However, it obviously needed a little TLC.

Now, I am all about DIY's, but a lot of the time I'm just plain lazy. So I went with a quick fix for this guy. Walls Need Love came to the rescue with a gorgeous white-washed wood decal that would help cover up a few of the dings and imperfections of the table, brighten it up, and give it a modern edge. It took me about ten minutes to complete this DIY (I don't measure, I just go for it. So it would have taken longer if I had taken the proper steps).

First, I cleaned up the table. It had probably been in someone's storage or garage for a long time and needed to be spic and span to make sure the decals stuck as well as possible. After the table dried, I applied the decals and rubbed them flat to ensure there were no air bubbles. Then I topped the table with some decor and voila! Done.

The table fit perfectly underneath my other Walls Need Love project - THIS gorgeous antique map.

Be sure to check out Walls Need Love for all of your DIY needs! They seriously have something for everything, and as far as decals go they are the best I've ever seen. Their decals are sturdy and obviously well made. Plus, they're reusable! So if you move, they can come with you.

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Do you enjoy DIY's? Do you go for more simple or complicated projects? I'd love to see any of your own Walls Need Love upcycle projects!

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Brandi said...

Looks awesome!!

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