Sustainable and Socially Responsible Fashion

My favorite companies are those that give back either to the planet and/or to those living on it. I love that they take advantage of the opportunity they have to use their resources for good. I didn't even realize it until I was putting this post together, but this outfit is full of socially and sustainably responsible companies and that makes me even more proud to share it!

To start, these pants come from a beautiful shop called Sudara (which is inspired by the sanskrit word sundara, meaning beautiful). Sudara works to help women in India escape from and avoid resorting to sex slavery by providing them with the opportunity for steady employment and the chance to learn the skills of being a seamstress. They produce the cutest "Punjammies" that are so comfortable, light, and eclectic, I love wearing these around the house or out and about. Please read more about their mission HERE.

Next is my bracelet, which comes from Color by Amber - an eco-friendly and socially responsible jewelry company that employs women Artisans, worldwide. From Mexico to Nepal, these women are paid fair-trade wages that provide themselves and their communities with a steady income. Color by Amber also works with each region to provide other initiates such as vocational training, community gardens, and health care. The handmade made "interlayers" are then encased inside an eco-resin, which is made of 40% recycled material, then designed into stunning jewelry! Read more about their story HERE.

Lastly are my shoes. These Pons Avarcas are a new favorite of mine and make me want a pair in every color! Avarcas USA works with Artisans on an island in Spain to create these and other beautiful sandals that are not only hand-crafted, but their base is also made from recycled tires - making them a sustainable footwear option that looks amazing! Read more about their story HERE.

shirt - zara
pants - c/o sudara
shoes - avarcas usa
watch - c/o daniel wellington
bracelet - color by amber

Wearing companies like Sudara, Color by Amber, and Pons do more than just make me look great, they make me feel great, too! What other sustainable and socially responsible brands do you love?


Brandi said...

geez so pretty

Storybook Apothecary said...

lovely look! pinned this one :) I love ethical brands Zady, Mia Koda NY, and so many others!

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