Rock Rugged Road Trip Pt. 9 // Delaina Graff Photography

photos c/o Delaina Graff Photography

I know, I've been blogging about this road trip for months now. But there are just too many pictures that have yet to be shared! I'm going to get these out quickly, so I apologize for the overload, but it'll be over, soon. Today's post features photos taken by Delaina Graff Photography. I love the way she is able to capture a moment. Her style is so soft and raw, I can't help but love its realness.

These beautiful photos recap the beginning of the adventurous Rock Rugged Road Trip. We started on a Summer evening as complete strangers (except for Delaina and I), heading north towards Washington. But were soon deterred because of wild fires. After a quick google search, we decided to change our course and head towards Hells Canyon. A lesser known spot that greeted us with spectacular views, the next morning. As we continued north, we had to change our plans, once again, due to the wildfires. So to the coast we fled, into the sunset. Again we awoke to breathtaking views along La Push beach in Washington. Then, after a quick stop in Hoh Rainforest, we were off to catch a ferry towards Vancouver.

You can read the full story by clicking HERE. (just be sure to start with post 1)


Silex In The City said...

Wowza- what great pictures you got! Love all the driftwood.

Brandi said...

Theres a car coming toward you!!!

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