Rock Rugged Road Trip Pt. 10 // Delaina Graff Photography

photos c/o Delaina Graff Photography

After spending a few days in Vancouver, BC, it was time to head towards Banff. I had been once before and that was all it took for me to fall head over heels, madly in love. Banff is the most beautiful place I have ever been, and if I could move there - I would in a heartbeat. Lake Louise is my soul sister. She and I just get each other, so I was ecstatic to be returning. We spent the next few days in Banff exploring its many lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. We took a few hikes, spent the evenings around the campfire, and slept on the shores of Two Jack Lake. It was a dream, one that I will always remember.

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Andréa Viza said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous pics.
looks like this location was amazing!


A.Viza Style

Brandi said...

we need another adventure

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