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Ok guys, lets talk petite fashion... As a petite woman, myself (we're talking 4'8"), I truly know the frustrations that come with shopping for a unique body type. Pants always have to be tailored, shoes are incredibly hard to find, and jackets - they're kind of the worst. The sleeves, shoulders, waste bands never hit in the correct place, and if one thing fits another doesn't. Having a unique body can really take the fun out of shopping, as I often leave disgruntled and upset with who I am.

A few years ago, I decided to stop buying clothes that didn't fit. If pants were hitting the ground, they were a big fat no. If jackets didn't hang right, they went back on the rack. If shoes slipped off my heels, I wasn't going to waste my time (or money). And let me tell you - I have never been happier with my wardrobe. And now that I know the ins and outs of petite shopping, it has become fun, again!

I recently came across a new petite women's fashion line, called Petite Epoque and I could tell right away that the owner - Leslie Liwanang just got it. As a petite woman herself, she understood my struggles and had took it upon herself to do something about it. She's basically the designer I've been waiting for! This incredible petite trench coat comes from her new line and it fits like a glove! The sleeves hit just right, the shoulders are so comfortable, and the details - they are what make this jacket a real stunner! From the removable hood to the pleats around the waste, this trench has it all!

trench - c/o petite époque
shirt - asos
leggings - eddie bauer
shoes - c/o stylish treasures
bracelets - color by amber

If you are a petite woman, or just a proponent of small businesses, be sure to check out Leslie's Indiegogo campaign and pledge to help her company take off! Also, make sure to tell all of your petite friends about Petite Epoque; they're going to love it!

Do you have any shopping struggles you deal with?


Rebekah said...

I've wanted a trench coat for a long time but I've worried about all of these things and it's prevented me from getting one! I'm going to have to check out this shop because I just want things to fit me right the first time!

Andréa Viza said...

i didn't know you were so petite!
i love how you shared such a great brand it can be hard to find items for anyone under 5'6 sometimes


A.Viza Style

Gianna said...

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