Fathers Day Gift Idea With Stanley Brand

As I discussed in my last post, buying gifts for my dad can be quite the challenge. So when I found these amazing Stanley Brand products, I knew they would be items he would love and use. My dad has always loved the outdoors and he passed that love on to me. From the time I was born, my family has enjoyed camping and taking in the beauty around us. We weren't the family that went on cruises every year, in fact, I've never been on a cruise. But we were the family that went camping - every weekend. My dad instilled in me a love for the earth and its inhabitants. From his selfless service to his fascination with earth science, he was the perfect example of how to treat the earth and its inhabitants with respect.

Stanley Brand products are perfect for getting out into nature without using disposable supplies. Stanley products are built for life. Whether it’s surviving another outdoor adventure or serving as a reliable must-have for tailgating season – Stanley provides top quality outdoor gear. Some of my favorite pieces are the Classic Vacuum Growler. Hammertone Green. 64 oz., the Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug. Hammertone green. 16 oz. with the push button lid! But they're all amazing products that will add to any adventure you take them on.

Be sure to shop the Stanley Brand products for that special guy in your life. You'll make their Father's Day extra special and give them a gift they can use for many Father's Days to come! #Stanleyness


Carmen Varner said...

Love this! I really like that you included your dad for the campaign. Gorgeous photos too. :]

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Oak & Oats said...

I love this so much! How fun to spend time with your dad!

Dearest Lou said...

These photos are amazing! I'm definitely going to need to check this out for both my husband and dad. Thanks so much for sharing (:

Also we need to get together again for photos soon hehe.

Dearest Lou

Lindsay Rutland said...

These look awesome!! I think my husband would love one of these!

Brandi said...

I need this coat so bad.

Smith Family said...

Nothing better than finding a way to spend more time with dad on Father's Day.

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