Exploring Zion National Park

Back in February I had the opportunity to visit Zion National Park with some of my good friends. Miss Stevi Marie and her brother Spencer are two of my favorite people and I wasn't at all surprised to find the rest of their family to be equally amazing. Since I was the odd one out on this trip I was a little nervous. But this family made me feel so welcome and like one of their own.

Our first day was spent exploring Zion National Park in southern Utah. We stopped in town where I was able to snag some postcards for my collection and found a dainty, turquoise ring that I now wear everyday. Next we ate our packed lunches while sitting on a large boulder that was overlooking the winding road, then it was off to hike the Canyon Overlook trail. This was such a fun hike and one I had not done before. It wasn't difficult but it could be considered difficult to some. But no matter your skill level, the Canyon Overlook trail is well worth the effort! We took our time exploring and enjoying the view from the top before it was time to head down.

I love Zion and had so much fun exploring it with this awesome family. If you've been considering a visit to Southern Utah, be sure to include Zion on your must-see list!


Brandi said...

So pretty. It's on my bucket list

Niki Collis Photography said...

Gorgeous images! I love the deep, rich colors. Zion is on my bucketlist for sure!

Karm Walters said...

So beautiful. I cannot wait to go. When is the best time to go? Autumn? Winter?

amy said...

that picture of you laying on the rock - you look like a beautiful vampire ;) hahaha
p.s. this place is just beyond stunning.

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