Skin Care On The Go

Traveling is one of my very favorite ways to spend my time. I feel alive, excited, and inspired when I'm out experiencing all the world has to offer. But just because I am able to put my day to day life on hold while traveling, doesn't mean I can do the same for my skincare. Good Medicine Beauty Lab is, as you probably know, my favorite skincare line - ever - and I love that their travel sizes allow me to take them exploring without taking up too much precious cargo space. Thanks to Good Medicine Beauty Lab, I don't have to sacrifice good skincare for good times.

I've been doing a lot of traveling, lately, so these products have been a real skin-saver! From the desserts of Utah, to the tropics of Mexico, to the wet and rainy east-coast spring, these products have never let me down!

Where is your next adventure? Be sure to snag some Good Medicine Beauty Lab travel sized products before you head out.

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Lauryncakes | Lauryn Hock said...

Your photo skills are just killer!

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