Rock Rugged Road Trip Pt. 7 // Banff Lakes & Alberta Ranches

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The next morning we awoke early and packed up camp. But before we could leave Banff, there were a few more sights we had to see. First was Bow Lake, which is tucked up against some breathtaking peaks. The little lodge on Bow Lake's beach completes this storybook scene and had me feeling like I had stepped into the story of Heidi. Despite the cold, we spent a good amount of time here, taking pictures, sitting in lawn chairs, and soaking in the scenery.

Next up was Peyto Lake. This lake is shaped like a howling wolf, which makes it a crowd favorite. To reach the view point requires a bit of hiking, which was much needed to make up for the long drive we were about to embark on. We took our time at Peyto Lake, as well - finding hidden trails and being just the right amount of reckless. Then, before I knew it, our stay in Banff was over and it was time to head towards our next destination.

That night we were staying at an Airbnb in Alberta - the Ranch Guesthouse - where the hosts were so accommodating and inviting. They live on a horse ranch and the stay includes the opportunity to do some ground work with their horses. We each were able to "play games" with our own horses, teaching us and them how to work together. The guesthouse is an adorable tiny home that sleeps 8 and is filled with antiques that are available for guests to purchase (you know this antique loving girl was tempted, but I resisted).

We went into town for dinner, making sure to try Poutine (french fries covered with cheese curds and gravy) as it was our last night in Canada. Then we spent the evening with our Airbnb hosts, gathered around their campfire, swapping travel stories and roasting s'mores (they have some incredible stories). It was such a wonderful evening, none of us wanted to say goodnight. The next morning we spent some more time with our hosts, before hitting the road once again, to make our way back to the US.

to be continued...

*Note* Since I was traveling with two incredible photographers, I decided to let them do the camera work, and I stuck to taking pictures with my phone, only. I'll be sure to post some of their beautiful work at the end of my road trip recap.

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