Walls Need Love // A Wall Makeover

A few months ago, my roommates and I gave our house a little makeover. It has actually been a work in progress since I moved in, but it finally feels like home. At the beginning, this house's yard was overrun with vines and weeds that blocked our natural light. So in the Fall, my roommate and I did some serious yard work that made a huge difference. But then we started to notice how brown our living room was, and we really wanted to brighten it up. So together, we all painted the walls a bright white. This is has been the best decision and really brought life back into this house.

We have been decorating over the last couple months, filling up the empty spaces. This wall was the last to get any love and stayed blank for a while, until Walls Need Love stepped in with this incredible Map Decal. It matches our color scheme and decor motif, perfectly. Our living room is full of travel trinkets from each of our lives and the map really brings it all together. The shelf is one of my items that I love but didn't have a place for. It fits in perfectly underneath the map, and is now filled with souvenirs.

This Walls Need Love decal is also a high quality item. It's thick, so I didn't have any fears of tearing or distorting it. Plus, it is reusable, so I can take it with me whenever I move next. (Not that I plan on moving right now, because this is a pretty great situation.) And best of all, it was so easy to hang up. I recruited my roommate to help and we were done in no time!

If you're looking for the perfect way to dress up any of your walls, definitely check out Walls Need Love! They've got an amazing selection of modern and on-trend items that will transform any room in just a few minutes. The selection process is the hardest part as they have so many great items to choose from.

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Oak & Oats said...

I really love how this turned out! What a fun wall!!

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