Rock Rugged Road Trip Pt. 4 // Gardom Lake

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The morning after our big canoe trip to Widgeon Falls was spent at a cute and urban breakfast spot with Lizzy and Shane, then it was time for us Rock Rugged Roadtrippers to hit the road, again. We made a stop at Bridal Veil Falls, just outside of Vancouver, to grab some pictures and sweet corn, then  we settled in for a long day of driving.

We arrived at our next stop, an Airbnb in Gardom Lake, late at night, and didn't know just how much of a treat we were in for the next morning. We woke up early and were greeted with the sounds of loons, willow trees, and the glassiest water I have ever seen. We quietly loaded into the canoe and paddled around the lake, all morning. Some of us were brave enough to take a dip (not me), our fearless leader, Jake, flew his drone around a little, then it was time for omelets and packing up.

It was a short stay at Gardom Lake, but an impactful one. I think we were all better for having such a quiet and peaceful start to our long day, and were grateful for the chance to recharge a little.

to be continued...

*Note* Since i was traveling with two incredible photographers, I decided to let them do the camera work, and I stuck to photos with my phone, only. As soon as I'm done with my iPhone recap, I'll be sure to post some of their beautiful work!

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