DC Cherry Blossoms

pictures c/o Lauren Werkheiser Photography

One year ago I was able to spend a day taking in the DC Cherry Blossoms with my friend Leslie and friend/photographer Lauren. I did blog about the experience HERE, but I never shared these amazing photos Lauren grabbed of me. And since I am heading back to DC this week (YAY!), I figured it was fitting for me to finally share them.

We had the best day together, last year, when the three of us wandered around the National Mall. The cherry blossoms were at their peak and the sun was shining warm and bright. It was one of my favorite experiences while living in DC, and I cannot wait to return in just a few days!


Chrissy said...

These are truly beautiful! Happy Monday, Gentri! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

These are so fun! Love your glasses!

Bekah said...

These photos are stunning!!! Your eyes are beautiful!!

Jess said...

I remember seeing some of these photos last year and they're just as stunning this year!!

xx Jess

Karm Walters said...

you are gorgeous Gentri!! The blossoms, wow!

Tori Baldridge said...

You look so gorgeous in these!! xo

Jackie Welling said...

You're so adorable, beautiful images!

Andréa Viza said...

loooove these photos!
wish i had grabbed such pretty pics of the bloomss - very jealous
welcome back to DC :)


A.Viza Style

Oak & Oats said...

These photos are so great!

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