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There's one product I can't go anywhere without - my lip moisturizer. I've just always been someone that has to keep up with my lip care as my lips get dry fairly easily. That is why I am in love with the new Vaseline Lip Therapy Original Tins! Not only do they lock in moisture and give your lips an added shine, but they're also the perfect option for an on-the-go lifestyle. I love how they can be personalized, making them the most adorable lip care companion around. Their design is inspired by the brand's original packaging from the 1880's, and you know that this vintage-loving girl loves that!

I have had so much fun going through each of the Vaseline Lip Therapy Original Tins to test them out and try each fragrance/tint. It comes in Cocoa Butter, Rose, Aloe, and Original. The vintage-inspired tin packaging also makes for a more delicate option, as there's nothing worse than pulling out your basic twist-up lip care and slapping it on while in a more sophisticated situation. The tins allow you to apply your lip care with grace while delivering the best moisture for your lips.

Which Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin would you choose? You can pick up your favorite at your local food, drug, and mass retail outlet stores.

P.S. Wouldn't the personalized tins make the perfect wedding/party favor? Definitely ordering some for my next party!
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Carley Lee said...

Can we take a second to talk about how stunning you are?! Like, seriously! You are glowing :)
I love love love vaseline lip therapy - I've been using the tried-and-true original and never leave the house without it!

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