Rock Rugged Road Trip Pt. 2 // La Push Beach

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We rolled into La Push, Washington, long after the sun had set. So as quickly and quietly as we could, we found a free camping spot, pitched our tent, and settled in for a good freezing night's rest. We woke up early the next morning, cleaned up camp, then walked down to the beach.

I had always dreamed of visiting the Washington coast and was ecstatic to have it become a reality. The scene was just as foggy as I had hoped it would be, with partially visible rocks in the distance and giant driftwood logs on the beach. We spent hours wandering around, watching the fog thin out as the time passed to reveal more of the landscape around us.

After we were through, we decided to head onto the Hoh Rainforest, with a quick stop in Forks. The town of Forks is covered in Twilight merchandise and memorabilia, and they even have one of Bella's Trucks from the movie. For all of you Twilight fans out there, these photos are for you.

The Hoh Rainforest did not disappoint. I've never seen so much moss and greenery in my life, and my eyes were thoroughly enjoying the feast. We walked a couple of the trails located in the park while we talked about life and travel. The rainforest has an almost spiritual quality about it, as the moss absorbs a lot of the sound, and it's unlike the desert scenery I am used to.

Next, we drove north to catch a ferry out of Spokane to Vancouver where we would be spending a few days. This was my first drive-on ferry experience, and I completely enjoyed it. The hour before boarding was spent eating crepes at the beachfront crepery, after which I wandered down to the water's edge to gather a few seashells for my collection. We then drove onto the ferry, walked up to the deck, and watched the sunset as we sailed onto Canada.

To be continued...

*Note* Since i was traveling with two incredible photographers, I decided to let them do the camera work, and I stuck to photos with my phone, only. As soon as I'm done with my iPhone recap, I'll be sure to post some of their beautiful work!


Pepper Express said...

I have always wanted to go to forks #FanGirl
The Pepper Express

Katie said...

your photos make me happy! I love looking at all your gorgeous adventures. I've always wanted to go to Vancouver!

Oh how Lovely said...


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