Summer Cabin Trip Pt. 2

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The best time to visit my cabin is in the spring... I use the word "spring" loosely, as winter lasts until July at that elevation. Spring in the mountains is when the wildflowers are in full bloom and completely cover the hillsides in a rainbow of brilliant colors. And since it's also the rainy season, the greens are deeper and more vibrant than any other time of year, making the experience a real feast for the eyes.

We took it easy on this trip to the cabin, and spent the majority of our time doing not much of anything. The kids chased some of the local deer, I took pictures of the flora and fauna, and the rest of the adults slept the day away.

On the way home, a few of us decided to make the trip by walking, and it was one of the best hours of my Summer. I chatted with my niece about books, we laughed at their dog who liked to rest in the muddy spots and run through the tall grass, and my brother in law spent his time planning ways to jump out and scare us- which didn't work since he "cried wolf" a few years ago and I haven't let anyone forget it.

I can't wait for this coming Summer so I can get back up to my cabin. It's one of my favorite places where I can just "be" and let the rest of the world slip away.

Do you have a place like that?


Lizzie Ann said...

The wild flowers near your cabin are just beautiful, and the pictures you took are even more beautiful!

Glorianna said...

Gentri, your photography is straight-up gorgeous.

Riley Jo Blog said...

These pictures are amazing! They make me feel so happy inside.

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