Summer Cabin Trip Pt. 1

I know I blog about my cabin all the time, but it's one of my favorite places on earth, so I can't really help it. Each time I go I try to capture something different in photographs than the last trip, so that each photo is uniquely beautiful. This trip was all about the flowers. I felt like I had to capture each flower I came across, especially since wildflowers are my favorite! And believe it or not, my favorite weather to experience while at my cabin is a rainstorm. It always brings a thick layer of fog with it, that majestically covers the mountainside. But when it clears, the colors are more vibrant and crisp than ever.

This was a special trip with my family that only happens once every few years. My sister, brother in law, and their kids happened to be in town, bringing our whole family together for the first time in almost two years. My nephew had a blast playing with his new slingshot, we all ate our weight in s'mores, and played games that made my sides hurt from laughing so hard.

to be continued...

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