You Are Worthy

I have come a long way over the past two years; I've grown spiritually and mentally and love the place I am in right now. I've come to understand and love myself, I can see my real worth and that my value is not measured by my height, weight, facial features, job, education, or social status. My worth is so much deeper than that. I am a divine being, I have potential beyond anything I could imagine, and progress is something that is never-ending.

This realization makes life so much simpler and beautiful, and it breaks my heart to see other people struggling to understand their own worth. We live in a world where we allow other people to measure our worth for us. We fill the our holes with people that satisfy our need for acceptance- for a moment, with substances that will leave us needing more rather than appeasing the craving. We fill our holes with anger, fear of the future, and assumptions that others are judging us. But what other people think, whether they are judging us or not, doesn't matter in the slightest. If we can learn to love and accept ourselves and be confident in who we are, where we came from, and where we are going, then we can begin to see ourselves and others as we truly are- Divine Beings created in the image of a loving Father with potential that reaches much further than our mortal minds can imagine.

sweater- madewell
jeans- c/o lulu's (similar)
shoes- sam edelman
crystal necklace- c/o the land of salt
branch necklace- ann taylor (similar)
rings- c/o fifth & mae, lulu's, & prismera

I know those are some deep thoughts for an outfit post, but they seemed to be what I needed to share. No matter your color, background, nationality, or religious standing, know that you are of greater worth than you can even comprehend. You matter, you are necessary, you are loved- and you are worthy of that love.


Allison said...

Amen. Love these words and these photos! Merry Christmas friend! XO

Emily Shay said...

Beautiful words. It's always important to hear this...and these photos add an extra sense of wonder! I love the setting!

Joy said...

I love this. I feel like I'm in the middle of trying to figure out where Jesus wants me to be in a career. Trying to find the balance between work and life. We can do this!!

Katie said...

Oh girl. Post on point. I hate myself, that's so awful to say, but truthful. So I get it. And I love that you love yourself! That's a beautiful thing. I hope one day I can get there myself. Right now 2016 is just about learning to be okay with myself. Being okay will be a good start.

Have you heard of So Worth Loving? Their company is amazing and doing great things to remind everyone that they are so worth loving. I adore everything they are about.

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