The Year Of Adventure

I can't believe twenty-fifteen has come and gone, already. I am not a big fan of celebrating New Years because I feel like I am saying goodbye to all of the memories and experiences I collected throughout the year (granted- some years that is easier than others). Twenty-Fifteen was especially good to me; I've never had such an exciting and adventurous year before. I was so lucky to see and do more than I could have ever imagined in just 365 days, and I sincerely hope that the future holds much more of this kind of living.

Places I visited in 2015:
Annapolis, Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland
Washington DC
Alexandria, Virginia
Williamsburg, Virginia
New York, New York
Boston, Massachusetts
Palmyra, New York
Assateague Island, Maryland
Shenandoah National Park, Virginia
Franklin, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee
St. Louis, Missouri
Liberty, Missouri
Abilene & Monument Rocks, Kansas
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Hells Canyon, Oregon/ Idaho
La Push & Forks, Washington
Vancouver, British Columbia
Gardom Lake, British Columbia
Banff National Park, British Columbia
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
and of course I explored my great home state of Utah

Thank you 2015, you were incredible!

P.S. You can view all of my adventure blog posts HERE. I am pretty behind, but working on getting caught up.


Sara Anderson said...

Gentri you are my absolute favorite! I have followed you and admired you for a long time! I always love seeing the fun places you get to go! Thanks for being such an inspiration and just amazing! You're the best. can't wait to see all your fun adventures in 2016!


Katie said...

Wow. I love this. You have been such a busy lady. I have enjoyed following your adventures so much. If I ever need some traveling advice I'll just ask you :) Saying goodbye to 2015 was both hard and easy for me. Hard because I felt unprepared for it to be over, that I need more time to make it better. Easy because it was the worst year of my life. So. Much. Pain. Looking forward to embracing all the pain and joy in 2016 though. Choosing to make it beautiful.

Andréa Viza said...

such an awesome list of places! i hope 2016 treats you to as many new adventures :)


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