The Whole Kit & Caboodle // 90's Makeup Tutorial

I have always loved a good throwback, which is why I collect vintage items, favor classic movies over modern ones, and prefer my record player to my iPod. So when I found this Caboodle Makeup Case at Walmart the other day (also available at Ulta and Target), I couldn't help but take it home and immediately organize my makeup. It was like I had stepped back in time to my childhood, except these days my makeup is real rather than plastic.Before the Caboodle box, my makeup was all shoved into a drawer in my vanity, no organization, whatsoever. But now, you can see that everything has it's place which will make getting ready so much easier since I won't have to dig for what I need.

This Caboodle Box really put me into a reminiscent mood, so I decided to get a little 90's with my makeup. However, I did have plans to head out later that day, so I wanted it to be 90's with a modern take.

Start with your normal foundation, contouring, highlighting, and blush routine or you can use the steps I've shared HERE.

Fill in your eyebrows with a pencil that matches your natural hair color or is a shade darker. Bold brows were a big part of the 90's, so it's an important step. Use a stippling technique rather than "drawing" on eyebrows; this will give you more of a natural look. Then, using an eyebrow comb, brush the hairs up then over and into place. Don't be afraid to let the brush get to the roots of your brows. It will help soften the look.

For your eyeshadow, use a fluffy blending brush to apply your highlighting color to your brow bone and the inner corner of your eye. Then use a flat, synthetic haired brush to apply a rosy shade to the outer corner of your eye and under the lower lashes. Blend the upper lid with the blending brush so that it's more of a natural look. The 90's loved rosy eyeshadows.

To finish the eyes, use a mascara wand that is long and thin to apply a couple coats to your top lashes. The trick here is to have long, separated lashes. We want to keep the eyes more natural for this look.

Next, wet the corner of a towel with warm water and use it to scrub your lips then immediately apply a moisturizer. This will prepare your lips for the next step and keep them from getting dry throughout the day.

Some other things that the 90's loved were lip liner and brown lipstick. Those two things can go terribly wrong, but here's how to do them right-
Instead of just lining your lips, line them then fill them in completely. This will keep your lipstick in keep your lipstick in place but it will also prevent you from having that "ring" around your lips that happens when the lipstick fades.

Next, apply a brown lipstick all over the lips. At this point I could have stopped, but brown lips do not look great on me, so I decided to add a bit of a darker lipstick to the outside edges of my lips and blend it towards the center. This gave my lips a dramatic look that kept with the 90's theme but was more modern and wearable.

I loved the 90's and it was so much fun stepping back in time for a bit with my Caboodle Box and 90's makeup look.

Did you have a Caboodle Box when you were younger? Did you use it to organize makeup or something else?

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Megan Pribble said...

I love how you do your makeup!! I had a Caboodle when I was younger - it might be time to purchase one again, as it's such a great way to keep things organized. Happy Monday, pretty lady!

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

great guide! thanks for sharing

P.S. photos are superb! you look charming on them and the photos are making me smile

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Rebekah said...

so perfectly 90's! I especially love the dark lipstick!

Oak & Oats said...

I love this! You are adorable!

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