Nothing To Add

This photo location is a new favorite of mine. It's so stunning that it has left me at a loss for words. That's kind of what beautiful scenery does, it takes your breath away; making you feel like you can't say anything and yet, there's so much you wish you could express. Those trees, the winding path, the bright red reeds, and the hills in the background. This is the kind of scene they talk about in storybooks.

trench- tobi
shirt- anthropologie (similar)
pants- c/o lulu's (similar)
shoes- c/o zappos
necklace- c/o the land of salt


Jessica Hobin said...

Gorgeous location! I love the boardwalk, and the mountains in the background. Also, that necklace is amazing! :)

Ashlee F said...

We don't see places like that here in San Diego. I'm a bit jealous! We have to travel to see tall trees and mountain tops. (like where I'm from in Northern California). Places like those are absolutely breathtaking!

Also, I love your necklace! I'm not a huge necklace person, I'm not one for huge statement pieces, but I love cute little pieces that hang long on the neck.

-Ashlee Michelle

amy said...

that spot is true perfection!
i would use it all the time!

Oak & Oats said...

It is so beautiful!!! As are you!

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