Madewell Denim

My family has always been a fake-tree kind of family. I don't even remember seeing Christmas Tree lots around town until a few years ago. And while my roommates and I also went with a fake tree, I can't help but love the idea of a real tree. Every time I drive by the tree lots I want to stop, just to wander through. I love the smell, taking in the unique beauty of each individual tree, and the lights that hang above- keeping the lot bright, long after the sun has set. There's also something about watching a car drive down the street with a tree tied tightly to the roof that is so quaint and nostalgic; as if it drove right out of my grandma's miniature Christmas Village. But since there won't be a real tree in my living room, once again, I couldn't help but visit a tree lot for some pictures on a warm December afternoon.

I recently bought this denim jacket from Madewell after having it in my online shopping cart for months and t's probably the most perfect denim jacket I've ever owned. It has pockets, just enough distressing, and a wash that is neither too dark nor too light. The only problem is that I wish I had bought it a little earlier in the year. While we will still have some warmer days here and there, for the most part, it is winter; which means I'll need something a bit warmer than a denim jacket. But any day that the temperature reaches 50°+, you better believe I'll be opting for this jacket rather than a wool coat.

jacket- madewell
romper- c/o lulu's (similar)
tights- nordstrom
shoes- c/o zappos
necklace- madewell

Are you a real or fake tree family?


Jackie said...

That denim jacket is adorable and totally worth buying! I've had my denim jacket for about 6 years now (if not more) and I still love it. In fact, I'm bringing with me on vacation this week :)

Also, even though they're not always practical, nothing beats the smell of a real tree.

Something About That

Shelbey said...

Madewell is LIFE! My favorite "splurge store" as I like to call it haha I love their Perfect Fall Jeans! I wish I could pull off a denim jacket as well as you.


megabrooke said...

Cute jacket for sure! I have a jean jacket I love, but don't get too much of a run out of it as it seems in New England it's fall for a second and then BOOM, winter coats EVERY DAY!
We're definitely a real tree family! I've never had a fake one I don't think? We used to cut down our own... this year we got it from a tree farm and it smells so good in the house!

Katie said...

You are so cute. My family has always done the real tree so I'm like the complete opposite, I can't imagine what it would be like to not have one.

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